5 Ways To Re-Invent Your Pumpkin

In the midst of filling your candy bowls and making last minute additions to your Halloween costumes, the time to carve pumpkins has finally arrived! Whether you're a purist who carves simple  jack-o-lantern faces or the artist who prefers more intricate haunted scenes, the art of decorating giant orange gourds is a Halloween tradition.  However, even with that blank canvas in front of you, you may find yourself getting tired of same old designs and the same old techniques.  But no need to fear this Halloween! It's time to re-invent the ways you carve and decorate your pumpkins. http://dirtyworkservices.tumblr.com/

Instead of using the conventional carving knife to sculpt designs on your pumpkin, try making holes with a drill to transform your pumpkin into a cute lantern. It is simpler, a lot less messy, and you can even try adding jewels or flowers to make it your own.



For all of the chevron lovers out there, check out this pumpkin design! Start by placing tape on the pumpkin in the design you would like to be outlined. In this case, chevron’s zig-zag pattern works perfectly. After making sure the tape is secured, grab your favorite color of spray paint and spray the entire pumpkin. Wait for the paint to dry and remove the tape. Voila! You have a super cute and trendy pumpkin! For the more adventurous pumpkin artists out there, try painting the leftover orange pumpkin lines with a cute contrasting color, such as the black and white pumpkin pictured below.



And what better way to jazz up your pumpkin this Halloween than with lace. Simply purchase your favorite lacy pattern from a local craft store and wrap the lace around the pumpkin. Then use Mod Podge glue to coat the lace and make it stay in place. Add a bow to keep it girly or a Halloween cut-out to keep it spooky. You can even spray paint the pumpkin a cool color before adding lace.






For a simple and fast approach to pumpkin decorating, try letter stickers! Choose your favorite font from your local craft store and press on your holiday message. Say “welcome” to greet your Halloween trick-or-treaters this year or create your own spooky message. And to make your pumpkin last through Thanksgiving time, try sending a message of thanks.



To really get creative with your pumpkin, try the art of decoupage! Cut out your favorite Halloween images from magazines or print them off your computer. Or make your pumpkin themed with images from your favorite fashion magazine (the latest issue of SHEI perhaps?). Then using Mod Podge glue, paint the entire pumpkin with a foam brush. Stick your images on the pumpkin wherever you want them and then paint them over with Mod Podge.



Creating fun and unique ways to decorate pumpkins this Halloween season can be as easy as digging through your junk drawer for some glue and colored paper.  So get creative and give your Halloween some style.