Easy DIY Group Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, it's time to pick a costume (or two, or three). Here's a few easy and cheap DIY group costumes for you and your girls to rock this Halloweekend. Keep in mind that if you all get separated, the group aspect falls apart. But hey, it's Halloween. Spookier things have happened. Britney Spears Through the Years:

Britney has been killing the music video wardrobe game since she popped out on the scene with "...Baby One More Time" in her iconic school girl outfit and pink pomp-pomp pigtails. Since then, she has had many looks which you and your girlfriends can all pick: her VMAs green top/pants with a boa constrictor, a flight attendant outfit, and for your more daring friends: a one piece covered in rhinestones, a circus ringleader outfit, the "Oops I Did it Again" red catsuit, and just for kicks, a pink wig, Cheetos, and sweatpants for her post-mental breakdown phase. There's tons more so you can include as many friends as you want. Here's a pic from a group of girls who absolutely killed this idea.


Powerpuff Girls:

This one works for a group of three: a redhead, a blonde and a brunette (or invest in a wig-- check out Etsy for some cool and sometimes pretty cheap ones). For this, you should each get a matching dress, one in pink, one in green and one in blue. Wrap a black sash around your waist, or if you're really on a budget, carefully use some black duct tape but make sure it's even all the way around. Pair that with some white high socks and black shoes and you're good to go! Keep in mind, whoever is the redhead should have a big red bow, the blonde should have pigtails and the brunette should have her hair down. Sugar, Spice, Everything Nice and a little bit of Chemical X!


Spring Breakers:

Whether or you not you liked this movie, it's a great and fairly easy costume (especially for those of you who still have some of your 90's clothes stored away). It might be a little chilly but all you need is a neon bikini top, some short shorts and flip flops. For extra fun bring along a squirt gun or cut eye and mouth holes in your beanie for the robbery scene. For extra extra fun, make one of your guy friends dress up as Alien. It's on him to find the grill, cornrows and Hawaiian shirt, though.


Beanie Babies:

This one is probably the easiest but has a fun twist to separate you from all the other cats, mice and other animals girls dress up as for Halloween. Grab your friends, get everyone tp pick an animal, then make a Beanie Baby tag for yourself! It's easy to attach, just use a safety pin or use ribbon to tie it around your neck. Wikipedia has a list of every Beanie Baby so once you find your animal, you can make the tag on a piece of posterboard and include the Beanie Baby name and little poem it comes with! A super cute, less provocative take on being an animal.


Have fun with these and remember there are lots of little adjustments and accessories that can make these costumes stand out even more! Grab your friends and re-create these costumes or brainstorm your own ideas!