Fall Into Fall: A Guide to Transitioning into Colder Months

We know it will be hard. Pulling your feet out of those strappy gladiator sandals and repressing the urge to cry when your shirt no longer reveals a little tummy are clear signs that summer withdrawal is overtaking. But summer isn't the only season we can have fun with fashion―fall is here, and even though it is a little chilly out, there is ample opportunity to make stylish statements! Fall: Compilation - Erika Bell; Photos - Tumblr, Lookbook.nu

First things first. Shop. For all that is holy, shop! You will never feel like you've really stepped into the season if you haven't seen the cool new styles for fall that are filling the stores. You don't have to buy anything, but going into some favorite shops and looking at new merchandise is a great way to get inspired and avoid repeating the same trends season after season. Can't make it to a store? Go online. Look through some of the new online catalogs, lookbooks, and blogs that have compiled great fall essentials. One thing to remember, especially when transitioning into a new season, is that it is a new opportunity to evolve when it comes to personal style. There should never be feelings of restrictions when it comes to fashion.  A change in a new season can also mean a change in how you dress.

Stores and Sites w/ Fall Inspiration 

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Work with what you've got!  Summer gave us a plethora of new ideas to work with, from tie-dye prints, crop-tops, and leather accents, to bold color-blocking and looser fits. Now that some of these trends are in the closet, we can't just lock everything away until next summer (how depressing!) We can incorporate these trends into our fall wardrobe.

Let's start with crop-tops because our Britney Spears ambitions need to remain alive for as long as possible.

A great way to rework some of the belly-baring cuts, is to pair them with warm fall jackets. Jackets keep you warm and covered up, but the wow factor remains with the cute cut top underneath. Another way is with high-waisted pants, shorts, or skirts with tights. Wearing it this way enables you to still showcase the top's length and design, but you won't be left to freeze  because a lot more of the stomach is covered.

Crop-Me-In: Compilation - Erika Bell; Photos - weheartit.com

The other trends are also simple to move into fall. With prints, color-blocking, and leather, utilize a change in color and style when looking to switch things up. Deep reds, violets, browns, and black are great tones for the fall, but following the standard set of season rules is never fun. Incorporating summer colors like yellow, white, and blue can make a  statement amongst a sea of darker colors.

The last and possibly the most important tip for entering a colder climate, is to layer! Some may sigh and moan when they think of wearing a bunch of items AND walking around in them, but it's not as bad as it sounds. Go from light to heavy when it comes to layering items. Want to wear a dress from this summer? Wear it!  Layer it with a pair of tights to cover your legs (add a pair of socks on top of your tights for a touch more coziness), a cute pair of boots , and a cardigan/jacket with a warm scarf to complete the look. When you get stuck on what to layer with what, think practically first. What part of your body will be most cold? Work as much as you can on that area without getting bulky and do what feels right for you.

Layering: Compilation - Erika Bell; Photos - weheartit.com, hautefashionneu.wordpress.com, google.com

There you have it! See, it won't be too bad. Fall weather is such an exciting time in fashion to utilize so many types of clothing and accessories that we usually don't wear in warmer climates. So remember to have as much fun as possible―but still hope that the warm weather will creep in every once in a while too!