Must Have: Halloween Nails

The must have accessory for this Halloween: nails.  Whether dressed in costume or not, being festive is always in style.  This past weekend SHEI magazine was inspired by some amazing Halloween nails after seeing them at the local salon (Diva Nails, Ann Arbor), thus of course we had to ask if we could get some of our own.  Once black/purple shellac was applied, we decided on a multi skull white pattern that we found during a quick Google search.  While one SHEI contributor went for a slightly less somber look with candy apple red and a white spider and web, the other opted for a darker touch.  Upon leaving the nail salon, we realized that this look could easily be done yourself! After simply painting your nails black, use the end of a paint brush to apply white polish (one large dot, and a smaller beneath).  Grab a toothpick and dip it in your black polish to add eyes, a small nose, and a line for a mouth…you've got a skull! This website was super helpful in breaking down each step for me,