State Street Fashion Show 2013: In Review

While the latest trends are usually debuted in big cities such as New York City and London, this weekend we were reminded that inspiring fashion can be found in Ann Arbor, too. This past Friday SHEI Magazine and the State Street Association presented the third annual State Street Fashion Show at the Michigan Theatre.  Ann Arbor's non-profit center for performing arts and fine film was the perfect backdrop for this divine event.  Over forty looks from a variety of local boutiques and stores were featured as an array of student models strutted the stage. The show featured stores from State Street, as well as online shops (who doesn’t love shopping from the comfort of their own home?). While  upscale shops such as Renaissance, Wendy, Van Boven, and Bivouac provided many of the looks, SHEI stayed true blue, also featuring spirited outfits from the MDen, All About Blue, and Underground Printing. Photo by: Mary Molepske

SHEI's Fashion Editors Lexie Miedema and Tara Ellis, organized and directed the show, in addition to putting the looks together.  According to Miedema and Ellis, the fashion team “presented 'wearable' fall fashion looks for a range of college activities including everyday school, formal looks, business casual looks, and game day/Michigan wear.” These looks were all well-executed throughout the show.

As different as the featured stores were, similar fall trends emerged, giving the audience insight about what will be trendy in the upcoming months. One of the trends that stood out was incorporating summer colors into fall outfits. On of the looks provided by The Get Up, was a bright pink dress. Although bright colors are usually saved for spring and summer, the high neckline and lower hem on the dress made it perfectly appropriate for the fall months. A floral jacket with a white base was featured by Orchid Lane. While white and florals are also typically reserved for warmer weather, SHEI stylists paired the jacket with fall colors such as dark green and orange, to make the jacket pop.

Photography by Melissa Freeland

Another trend that seemed to make its way across the stage was colored pants, for both men and women. For example, a male model made his way down the stage in trendy red pants paired with a grey blazer, both from Renaissance. Additionally, the show featured green pants that were paired with a floral jacket from Orchid Lane.

Photography by Melissa Freeland

A third trend that emerged on stage was unique outerwear, for both men and women. For example, an outfit from Orchid Lane included a women’s thigh length jacket in green that wraps, rather than zips. Another example of unique outerwear was seen on a male model sporting clothes from Wendy. The twist on this was that the interior was lined with polka dots.

Photography by Melissa Freeland

While it is common to think that Michigan gear comes in the forms of sweatshirts and sweatpants, SHEI stylists did a magnificent job of reminding the audience that even spirit wear can be fun and trendy. Several Michigan-themed looks in the show featured Michigan sweatshirt paired with a button down underneath, giving the outfit a preppy, collegiate feel. A pair of jeans from the MDen, even had a block M embroidered on the back pocket. The Michigan gear that was featured is versatile enough to be worn on campus, as well as on game days, cheering on the Michigan sports teams.

Photography by Melissa Freeland

Although the clothes that were featured were a big hit, accessories pulled the looks together. Thanks to SEE eyewear, SHEI stylists were able to give the models that extra touch. The show featured eyeglasses with popping colors such as red, and fun shapes. Unique sunglasses also made their way across the stage.

Additionally, the show featured amazing shoes from Van Boven Shoes. Men’s dress shoes along with women’s wedges and pumps were just a few of the styles that could be seen carrying the lovely models down the stage.

After displaying the latest fall trends, SHEI gave the audience a chance to obtain some of the looks through a free raffle. All About Blue, Wendy, Pitaya, M Den, Renaissance, and ASOS all donated gifts and certificates for the raffle. The winners are now able to put together their very own SHEI and State Street inspired looks.