A Tailored Opinion: SCANDAL

In honor of the beloved television series, Scandal, returning on this glum October 3rd  day, it seems only fitting to focus on the recent Hollywood obsession, Kerry Washington aka Ms. Olivia Pope. I mean, what’s not to love about her? She's strong, brilliant, is having an affair with a very sexy President (maybe I just have a thing for older men?) and her fashion sense is to die for. I don’t think she has ever worn an outfit on or off the show that has been a disappointment. She is classy, sophisticated and elegant in all forms - from her fitted blazers and blouse/skirt combos (that would make even Jackie O jealous), to her structured coats and designer accessories. The amount of high fashion worn by her character in Scandal reminds me of another favorite series (until the last 2 seasons that is …) Gossip Girl.  Yet instead of being an immature Upper Eastsider, we have a sophisticated working girl. The fashions of Olivia Pope serve as a great reminder of how we can still be chic and professional in the work place.

So for those of you gearing up for the real world and job interviews, internships and so forth, all the way down to those who just want to revamp their work style, let Olivia Pope serves as inspiration.

So without further adieu, here are some favorite looks from Ms. Olivia Pope’s closet:


What is most amazing about her style actually is the absence of bright colors or bold, in-your-face patterns. While there's nothing wrong with a bold, colorful print, there is a subtle beauty in softer hues and monochromes like black, white, and beige. This outfit embodies everything from modern style to working sophistication.


(Told you he was sexy!) Peplum is very in right now and with good reason! Not only is it flattering for basically any body type, but the structure of it gives the outfit a crisper, sharper look. Additionally,  high necklines add a cleanness and open up opportunities for bold accessories.


Okay, can the glove trend please make a bigger comeback?  A really gorgeous glove brings a certain amount of formality and class to the outfit. And the beauty of it? Take them off and you now have an outfit for work as opposed to a dinner or the opera (hey it could happen!).


And this… need I say more? Let’s just admit that we all wish our lives were cultured enough to wear these types of outfits  on a regular basis.  She truly looks stunning in this vintage piece.

Even if tonight’s premiere of Scandal sucks, at least we have her awesome wardrobe to get us through the rest of the series. Thanks Kerry.  Stay classy!