The Definitive List of 2013 Halloween Costumes

There's nothing that can make a girl anxious quite like Halloween. Scary costumes and decorations aside, the nearing of Halloween can tend to fill a person, especially us girls, with dread. Because let's face it, at one point or another, our inner dialogues have all probably sounded something like this:  Ugh, what should my costumes be this year? How do I make my costumes look slutty, but not too slutty? I need an original idea - I don't want to be wearing the same thing as everyone else! If you've been in this boat, then you understand: Coming up with worthy Halloween costume ideas is the very definition of a first world conundrum. Luckily, the dirty work has been done for you in the list below. No need to do the brainstorming or bite your nails off in a moment of pure, unadulterated anxiety. It's all here. So this year, don't allow yourself to make any excuses for your Halloween costume repeat. Get inspired to think outside of the box. Remember, you're more than just a sexy mouse, kitty cat, or [insert cliché Halloween costume here]. Seriously, you're better than this.

1. Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana (sans the twerking references) - No one will see it coming!

2. Carlos Danger - Because Anthony Weiner has yet to receive enough public ridicule.

3. Any character from Orange is the New Black - Don't pretend like you don't love Crazy Eyes, too.

Image Courtesy of Policy Mic

4. Olivia Pope from Scandal - Kerry Washington is a goddess and we should all emulate her.

5. Lady Gaga from her Art Pop album cover - Cake your face in random splotches of paint. Lazy people, this one's for you.

6. Grumpy Cat - Is it really a costume if grumpy is already your go-to disposition?

Image Courtesy of Quick Meme

7. Vine, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media network - Let the world know you're hip and down with all the cool kid stuff!

8. Blurred Lines - This Halloween, show your striped clothing just how much you care.

9. J. Crew - This is a group concept. Dress in preppy clothing, then wear the letter "J" on your cable knit sweater or Ralph Lauren Polo. Let A2 know your crew has arrived. (Gang signs optional).

10. Slutty Steve Jobs - Can it even be done? If so, please post pictures below.

Image Courtesy of The Guardian

11. Pumpkin Pi - Nerdy is the new black. *Pushes up glasses.*

12. North West - You're Kimye's baby, so think shutter glasses, a bandage dress, and a compass. You'll look adorable - Bible.

13. House of Cards - Shape a house out of a deck of playing cards on a piece of poster paper. Wear it around your neck. Another option? Channel your inner Kevin-Spacey-turned-politican and pronounce your "wh" sounds weirdly all night.

Image Courtesy of Salon

14. Oregon Donor - Cut out a bunch of pieces of paper in the shape of the state of Oregon. IT'S PUNNY, OK?

15. Spice Girls - This is another group costume. Try not to fight over who gets to be cinnamon vs. cumin.

16. Government Employee on Furlough - Business on the top, party on the bottom…and don't forget to accessorize.