The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have

  Just going to come out and say it.  The ideal possy, the trifecta of best friends, the holy trinity of friendship is: Jennifer Lawrence (affectionately referred to as Jlaw), Mindy Kaling (my spiritual animal) and Tina Fey (no other words needed). You know you have all thought about it. Who would you trade places with, where would you love to live, if you could have one wish what would it be, and who do you want to be best friends with…. It’s not so odd is it? Well, judgments aside, these women are truly amazing and you should enlighten yourselves with their amazingness.  I introduce to you, the ideal wolf pack: (side note: before the days of The Hangover, what did people do without their own wolf packs?!):


Oh Jlaw, what is there NOT to say about you. The fact that you fell at the Oscars and didn’t drop dead or cry just shows how amazing you really are. Seriously, if you are still having doubts about her as a best friend, go to youtube and type in Jennifer Lawrence, Jack Nicholson, just do it. She was spectacular in Silver Linings Playbook, does anyone else wish her and Bradley would get together?! She makes for a brilliant Katniss Everdeen, you all know you contemplated archery after that movie, do not lie to yourself. She also has a new Christian Dior campaign out that shows just how flawless of a human being she is , inside and out. Jennifer Lawrence, Jlaw a wolf pack is just incomplete without you dear.

It is safe to say that America first fell in love with Ms. Mindy Kaling during her spectacular stint on the Office. She is a famed writer, actress, author (of my favorite book “Why is Everybody Hanging Out Without Me,” if you haven’t done so… stop reading this post, read the book, then return… GO!), influential icon, and yes, Mindy Kaling is my spiritual animal. Her famed hit show The Mindy Project (shameless product placement promotion: which airs every Tuesday night 9:30pm on FOX) is funny in every single way. If you do not find the humor of The Mindy Project appealing in any way shape or form, go to the doctor you are most likely a robot or product of a science experiment gone terribly awry.  What function or use would she be to a wolf pack though? Who knows, who cares, she is my spiritual animal people!


Liz Lemon, workaholic, fast food addict and socially awkward human being, if that isn’t enough to get you excited about your three new best friends, then seriously go to that doctor!! Tina Fey is the all-encompassing best friend. She is brilliant in every way, so brilliant that the Academy invited her back to do the Golden Globes for another two years, they never ask anyone back! (Just a disclaimer: if this were titled The 4 best friends that anybody could have, Amy Poehler, you would be next) Her critically acclaimed book Bossy Pants just made Tina even more enviable in people’s eyes, how can so much amazingness be in one person… science is still trying to figure that one out. You could parody Girls in your sleep with Tina in the Wolf Pack! Plus think about it, with her comes Tracy Morgan and Alec Baldwin, a win-win scenario my friends!

So there you have it, the trifecta of best friends, the reigning wolf pack. Of course if the possy could be extended Amy Poehler, Kate Middleton and Beyonce were not far behind, maybe next time girls!

Hope this gets you thinking about who your ideal best friends would be, it is a question you WILL be asked at least 7 times in your natural born life.


Here is that Jack Nicholson video: