To The Big Screen: Movies to Watch

It is the time of year when we break out the jackets, sip on warm pumpkin spice lattes, and watch people scurry away to their early morning lectures. It's also the season of midterms, staying awake your classes, and homework piling up so high that a piece of you dies oh so slowly. Never fear! There is an escape! At least, for an hour or two. The season offers a great lineup of movies for every film buff, whether you're a classic romantic or a horror junkie. While it is impossible to cover every movie coming out this fall, here are five that worthy of breaking out the popcorn. 1. Carrie (Oct 18.)


Halloween is just around the corner! And what good is Halloween without a movie to scare our pants off and make us hide under the covers at night?  Rising actress, Chloë Grace Moretz stars as the pitiful, yet terrifying Carrie in the remake of the classic horror novel by Stephen King. While it's not the ghost/stalker/chain-saw wielding murderer that is the bread and butter of horror these days, "Carrie" looks like a bucket of fun. Or blood if you saw the poster.  Did I mention Julianne Moore is playing the psycho mother? That alone should be a reason to go watch this.

2. About Time (Nov. 1st)


Ah, romantic comedies. Our lives without you would be simply tragic!  And a little less melodramatic. Rachel McAdams, star of many a romance, makes a comeback in what promises to be an emotional, sentimental story with a twist. The main character, played by Domhnell Gleeson, has the ability to travel in time and strives to make his life perfect, which leads to both wonderful experiences and unfortunate consequences. Unlike most cheesy and predictable romcoms,  About Time seems to avoid overemphasizing the few funny one-liners and isn't depending more on the actors than the writing. The story is simple and the acting looks light and heartfelt. And what is a romance movie without something tugging at your heartstrings and making you dive for the box of tissues?

3. Thor: The Dark World (November 8th)


One of the biggest, most anticipated movies of the year. Let's forget the hot actors everyone is drooling over for a moment and focus on the plot. The movie continues after "The Avengers" and digs deeper into the story that was hinted at in the first movie. The rivalry between two brothers, a new enemy, and a little romance promises for a action-packed movie to make everything you're stressing about seem completely unimportant. Oh, and there's the amazingly beautiful Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston. But that's not the only reason to go see it...okay, maybe.

4. Book Thief (November 8th)


To anyone who has read the best-selling book by Marcus Zusak, this movie could be a godsend or a curse. The story is set in WWII about a girl name Liesal, who lives under Nazi rule and finds solace in books. Her world becomes more complicated when her family starts to harbor a Jewish refugee. The story is dark, serious and dips into an ugly point in history. But the book was fascinating, emotional, and a pleasure to read, so we can only hope that the movie does it justice. Even people who haven't read the book should give the movie a go. Because who doesn't love a strong, independent, and book-loving girl?

5. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (Nov. 22)


It's finally here! The movie we've been waiting for!  We've all missed Jennifer Lawrence playing kick-ass Katniss, who still manages to look picture perfect when she's shooting arrows and killing bad guys.  Catching Fire will be the second movie of the series and will pick up after Katniss' triumph over the The Hunger Games.  Will she get away with forcing the two winners? Will she kick more ass then before? Will she choose between the two handsome guys after her?  We must know!

So take some time away from the books and 90-minutes lectures to enjoy these movies and all the other fantastic films that are coming out this fall.  Grab a few friends, buy a refillable bucket of popcorn, and let Hollywood take you away.  Happy watching!