5 Types of Piercings That Have Gone Out of Style

1. The nose ring

Studs are fine, but when was the last time a nose ring was in style? Probably when Pink had hers ten years ago.


2. Ear gauges

Gauges had a cult following around 2009, but even at the height of their popularity, gages were never fashionable. Saggy earlobes made by cheap plastic rings are gross. Nothing about an ear gauge says "employable."


3. Belly button bling

The last time a belly button ring was in, Britney Spears had just released Oops!... I Did It Again in 2000. After every girl got one for her eighteenth birthday, it's more of a symbol of childish rebellion, than a stylish ornament.


4. Hoop earrings

Plain hoop earrings of any size and color, but especially oversized gold hoops. They're tacky, and out-of-date.


5. One ear pierced

If you must, pierce both ears. The last time having only one ear pierced was cool, so was frosting your tips. Don't be that guy.