A Playlist For The Season

As the weather slowly slips into the Michigan winter we all know and love, the campus-wide feeling that Welcome Week never ends seems to be behind us.  The remaining football tailgates are numbered and basketball season is right around the corner.  And academically, it's crunch time.  We can no longer ignore the impending assignments glaring at us from syllabi that have been sitting untouched all year. And yet, while we complain about the cold, there is something oddly comforting about the reemergence of Northfaces, Timberlands, and leggings around the Diag. Sure, that enormous pile of school work is a bit of a downer , but this season represents more than just all-night study sessions.  There are the upcoming holiday breaks, the colorful change in scenery, and as the temperature continues to drop, it seems that more and more people have their sights set on finding someone special to cuddle up with.

So to bring in these changes, we here at SHEI wanted to make sure you had the perfect playlist to listen to while you read a book and sip on hot cider or walk to class with chattering teeth. Featuring a mix of soft, indie rock, psychedelic anthems of the changing seasons, and a few upbeat tracks to remind you of warmer days, our playlist Reborn is sure to bring a smile to your face and a warmth to your heart.

Reborn: A Playlist For The Season