A Tailored Opinion: Blogger of the Week

If you have a Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any interest in the ever-changing and ever-growing fashion world, then you have seen your fair share of bloggers.  Oh to follow their perfect and fabulous lives! They jet-set all over the world to amazing places. They get to wear all of the relevant fashion by the most brilliant designers. Let’s not forget that they get to be front row at fashion shows with the likes of our favorite celebrities and the who’s who of the fashion world. What about the fact that they get to go backstage at all the events of  any and all of the fashion weeks that occur around the globe. They have the life don’t they? One blogger, turned fashionista, that has recently caught my eye is Chiara Ferragni. Otherwise known as The Blonde Salad. Her blog, which was just started in 2009 has now reached new heights receiving over 85,000 views per day and over 9,000,000 per month.

Born and raised in Italy, Ferragni has taken the world by storm. She has flown all over the globe to attend all sorts of fashionable events. She has modeled, hosted events, participated in multiple high profile charitable events, and more recently she has broken barriers and has shown her talents as a designer.  Her shoe line which was started in 2010 , is all made in Italy and is growing and expanding every season.

Her Instagram (username: ChiaraFerragni) in particular, is where she showcases her fabulous street style. With posts everyday from different spots around the world, this fashionista allows you to tag along on her amazing and fashion-forward journey. If you don’t believe me, see for yourself! Here is some of her most recent and memorable posts. (All pictures in this post have been obtained from her official Instagram).

photo (9)

Her fashion is always very versatile. She can be very casual and chic, like this photo as she walks around a very cold NY. Can her hair be more fabulous by the way?!

photo (10)

What is the best about her posts is the insider access you get through her. She documents almost every awesome activity she does, for example her backstage access to the VS Fashion show (which is happening as I type, so she keeps her followers up to date!)

photo (11)

She shares her everyday looks as well as her photos from recent campaigns or photo shoots! She travels all over the world and so she shoots with many fabulous names and brands.

photo (12)

photo (13)

One word: Makeup!

photo (14)

And there you have it folks! Just a sampling of the fashion forward posts of Italian Blogger Chiara Ferragni, otherwise known as the Blonde Salad.

Perhaps you're now inspired to follow her fabulous life and who knows, maybe start a blog or column of your own.

The possibilities are really endless.