A Tailored Opinion: Instagram Obsession

Instagram. We all have it. We all love it. We all refresh it constantly. We all follow our favorite fashionistas. We all obsess over our favorite celebrities' pictures.  

Ahh Instagram, a platform that aids in the stalking of the world’s rich and famous and above all, fabulous.



Some celebrity accounts are far more exciting than others (note to celebrities: don’t make an Instagram account if you are only going to post one picture, yeah you know who I am talking about).


However there is one account, one person that takes the cake. One celebrity that would surely win in a “who’s who” on Instagram competition. Their posts are updated on the daily. Instagram videos were the best thing to happen to their account. And they might just be the coolest person on the planet, based on their Instagram of course.


Any guesses? Any at all? What makes their account even more amazing, is the fact that “they” happen to be of the male persuasion. It’s a commonly known fact that Instagram is more of a “girl thing.”


Yet, this famous figure has made Instagram his bitch. Ironically, the complete opposite of what he did with the Oscars a few years back…


Alright, if you haven’t guessed by now (shame on you) then I will just have to tell you myself.


Two words ladies and gentlemen: JAMES FRANCO.




Hop on board the pineapple express everyone because his account is spectacular in every sense of the word. From his videos of just waking up from his beautiful slumber to pictures that he so artistically edits to express his deepest thoughts and emotions (see the picture that headlines this post for further explanation), Franco is an Instagram sensation.



Oh his awesomeness just radiates off that phone screen. James Franco's Instagram allows his followers to see inside his fun-filled life in the inner circle of celebrity power.



Apart from being completely insane (in the best way possible) on his Instagram account, Franco is actually quite brilliant in real life as well. He has starred, written, and directed some great works while also dabbling in art and writing. He has a new book out and wait for it, if you Instagram yourself with "A California Childhood" and tag him, he may just repost your picture! I don’t think anyone can come up with anything better than that and if you can... well get your priorities straight will you?


While I can rave on and on in regards to his meowing on camera and his sometimes senseless videos, I think I will leave the final step up to you. JAMES FRANCO ladies and gentleman, smart, handsome, awesome, and above all,  the best Instagrammer. Follow him now at Jamesfrancotv.



Here is a sneak peek to one of his best Instagram masterpieces:



Perhaps you may find a following in Franco even beyond the world of Instagram. Here’s a clip from his most recent roast on Comedy Central; we hope you ENJOY!