A Tailored Opinion: News of The Week

It has happened. The fusion of teen shows that transcends all, the greatest collaboration to ever happen in the celebrity world. The OC joins the upper east siders from Gossip Girl. It happened, people!  Adam Brody, loveable Seth Cohen, and Leighton Meester, ambitious and fabulous Blair Waldorf, are engaged! While we all know the ultimate match up would have been real life Chuck (Ed Westwick) and real life Blair, this is a close second. After dating for less than a year, the couple have taken the next step in their relationship. Don’t know about you guys, but in our books this is a match made in heaven. The two met when they were working together on their movie The Oranges in 2011, and their romance just blossomed from there. For any die-hard fan of both the OC and Gossip Girl, the anticipation for their upcoming nuptials is enough to make one go crazy.  


We were just graced with the news that Once Upon A Time’s Snow White and Prince Charming were engaged, and now more great news has come to us! Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas are expecting their first child! Looks like the two will have their happy ever after, after all. We can’t help but wonder how this will effect the show’s plot. Will Emma have a brother or sister to add to her family?! We certainly cannot wait to find out!




As if Chris Hemsworth’s baby wasn’t cute enough, they have another bundle of joy on the way as well! This will be their second child; they had their daughter India Rose in May 2012. Looks like this is the year for the Thor star, as his new sequel has been a hit at the box office thus far.



Happy Hunger Games everybody! The sequel to the stellar franchise, Catching Fire, is set to release Friday, November 22. With premieres happening all over the world, our favorite lady Jennifer Lawrence, Katniss Everdeen herself, has stepped out with a new haircut! The famed actress ditched her signature do for a pixie cut that will give Miley Cyrus a run for her twerking money. We love her no matter what, and she looks awesome.



Guess they are letting just about anybody into Harvard these days… Kanye West went into the Ivy League school to talk to architecture and design students.. because he so clearly is qualified to do so. Oh Yeezus….



Well Upper East Siders, Blake Lively has resurfaced again as the new spokeswoman for L’Oreal, and we are just happy that the leading lady is making her way back into the spotlight because we have surely missed her!



That's all the relevant news for this week!