All You Need is a Bow

It’s that a time of year again. Halloween has ended, Thanksgiving is upon us, and Christmas decorations are slowly appearing around campus. However, with the beauty of Christmas lights and the nostalgic sounds of holiday music comes the never-ending sales in department stores and the overwhelming amount of advertisements that seem to fill the pages of every magazine. It’s time again to buy holiday gifts for our family and friends, to thank them for being a part of our lives, and show them how grateful we are. Although you know your sister and best friend better than anyone, it can still be some what of a challenge to decide what to buy them. Do they need another sweater? Does she want another pair of earrings? Does he need a new wallet? Pondering these questions can be frustrating and time-consuming, but no worries, here are some unique gift suggestions that will ease your mind on what to buy. All you'll have to decide is what color bow to stick on top. 1.DIY!

It’s important to remember that DIY does NOT equal cheap. Some of the most beautiful and thoughtful gifts are DIY. Giving something you made to a loved one will show how much you really care, because they will know that you put your own effort into the gift. For example, one trend that is still booming in the fashion world is that of infinity scarves. Thick wool yarn paired with thin needles will give the scarf that store-bought look we all yearn for. Sewing or weaving the ends together will turn it a straight scarf into an infinity scarf, and into an even better gift.,default,sc.html


2.Sephora Makeup Set

While wearing makeup can be a personal preference, Sephora’s value sets cater to a wide-range of makeup users. Many of their sets just went on sale for the holidays. For example, if your friend doesn’t love the look of too much makeup, the bareMinerals value set will be perfect for her because of the natural look the product provides. If your friend is really only a lip gloss and mascara kind of girl, the MAKE UP FOR EVER lip set will help her lips pop for any occasion. However, if you are buying a gift for someone who watches makeup tutorials in their spare time, and can’t get enough of them, then the Sephora Collection Makeup Academy Blockbuster is her perfect gift. Complete with every tool and color a person would need, they will be able to spend their whole winter break trying out new and unique looks.


3.Personalized iPhone Case

Not only is this idea unique, but it's personal as well. Shutterfly allows you to create personalized iPhone cases complete with photos, captions, and designs. They also feature slim cases as well as tougher ones with a protective liner. This gift is versatile in that it works for family, friends, and boyfriends/girlfriends too.  We all know those people with the cracked screen or chipped phone so why not treat your loved one to something that gives them that sentimental feeling and protects them from possibility of having to buy a new phone down the road.  That's a win-win.

4.A Netflix Subscription

Although this gift can add up to be a little pricey in the long run, if you are stumped on a gift for someone who you don't mind spoiling a little, then you can stop looking. Netflix offers hundreds of movies and television series that stream instantly to your computer insuring that whoever you give it to will never be bored. It will also save them money in the long run because they will not need to purchase movies individually. Along the same line of Netflix is a subscription for Hulu+ or HBO. These sites give the gift of entertainment and relaxation that may be especially well-suited to the more stressed-out individuals on your list.

5. A “Night of the Town” Gift Set

Creating your own personalized gift set for someone is easy and can be incredibly fun for you.   It can include gift cards to restaurants, ice cream shops, favorite stores, the movie theater, and a few small trinkets or guilty pleasure snacks.  Just make sure that if the person lives out of town that you effectively coordinate the set to what is available where she lives.  But if the person you're shopping for is  here in Ann Arbor, you'll have a huge selection to choose from when putting together the set.  This gift can also be a great instigator for planning a fun night out and if you're lucky enough to have a generous friend, you just might be invited to tag along.