Athletic Clothes: The Morning Move

Reminiscing on the fashionista life of Serena and Blair, it’s hard to wrap our minds around dressing to impress everyday. Yes, looking good does tend to boost that daily confidence and gives us that proud strut while passing others on the street because we know our outfit is prime. But as wonderful as that feeling is, having the perfect, put together look 24/7, is pretty unrealistic. We can dream, we can try, but in the end, there’s one day we're going to need to cheat. But recently, the concept of "cheating" in the wardrobe department  is much different than in previous years. While cheating may have once consisted of sagging sweats, an ex-boyfriend's oversized sweatshirt that was won out of the relationship, and possibly an overall grout-fit, the dynamics have changed. The new theme: athletic clothes. For days when the alarm clock fails, and the 8 am class starts in approximately six minutes, what’s easier then throwing on the pair of yoga pants folded on the dresser? Ok, they may not be folded, we’re in college here, but just imagine.


Athletic clothes and sweats have become almost one of the same. Comfort? Yes. Effort? No. And while many of the standards seem to line up, athletic clothes dominate in the appearance department. It’s the easiest trick of all - looking put together without the hassle of trying to color coordinate worrying about wrinkles, or choosing the perfect shoe. And hey, people may even think you just came from the gym.  Bonus.

More and more, the look has been showcased on the streets, as people opt out of the constant fashionista lifestyle and begin to give their fashion sense a break.  Accomplishing the look is easy to follow by scoring a few simple items—yoga pants, some type of athletic shirt, a cute pair of gym shoes, and maybe even one of those tight athletic jackets if you're really getting into it. Headbands are optional, but the more the better.

Once in awhile, it’s perfectly acceptable to take a fashion break. But in doing so, it’s fully possible to keep a look going by choosing the cute, sporty look over the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-may-and-may-not-have-brushed-my-teeth look.  Be cool, casual, and comfy while still keeping that fashionista reputation shining loud and proud.