Clutch Move

Clutches are simply a staple that every girl should have in her closet. The big, over-the-shoulder bag stuffed with life essentials is useful for the day to day when you never know what you're going to need, but the clutch is perfect for specific outings. Whether it be a first date, a casual dinner with a roommate or a night at the bar, when you're going out and only need the big three: phone, wallet and keys - a cute clutch should be your first choice. Check out these clutches that can work with a lot of outfits and are appropriate for many situations.


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This white clutch from ASOS made by Oasis is classy but modern with a hexagonal shape and removable silver chain. The metal design will standout against any outfit, be it jeans and a cute top or a fun romper for a night out. It's small and compact- 5 inch height, 5 inch width and 2 inch depth-  so toss in your credit card, phone and house key and you're good to go!

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This is the perfect clutch for a simple outfit. Paired with a little black dress, all eyes are on this printed nylon clutch from TopShop. The quilted detail is fabulous and the gold snap adds to the color and class. This clutch is the kind of accessory that makes an outfit.

Screen Shot 2013-11-06 at 10.54.47 PMThis Zara clutch is the staple of the clutch staple. Simple, black, but made from a textured leather, it goes with everything. The zipper adds a touch of modern style against the calf fur skin. A little on the larger side for a clutch (10 x 14 x 0), you'll have extra room for some lipstick or concealer during a night out on the town.

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Going into the bleak months of winter, this bright red pop of color is just what the doctor ordered. From the ASOS collection, this black leather and red felt clutch includes a cutout handle design that separates it from other night-out bags and adds a sense of professionalism. Tuck in a resume and bring it along to an interview!


Shopping for clutches may sometimes seem like a task where you need to have the outfit already in mind, but these are versatile bags are staples for all girls. Their small size allows you the choice to make them pop on center stage or just be the supporting actress to your outfit.  Either way, and in any color and style, you'll have everything you need.