One Woman`s Trash is Another`s Treasure

It seems that with the approaching fall weather, girls are finding new and creative ways to layer up. A great thing about this style is that it is not only fashionable and little edgy, but also super comfortable. Instead of throwing on a pair of sweatpants and a North Face, any fashionable (and tired) student can adorn a heavy flannel, a pair of black leggings, and their favorite pair of boots to create a quick and cute look for class. photo cred

Another amazing plus to this trend is that a shopper doesn’t have to look any farther than their Salvation Army to obtain the latest styles. Stores such as PacSun, Forever 21 and American Eagle have tried to capitalize on this rising trend, but if you want to get your own unique piece for just pocket change, Salvation Army is the perfect place for your fashionista eyes to wonder.

Next time you take a visit to your local “salval” keep your eyes peeled for these great pieces.

1. Flannels

Usually found in the men’s section, these flannels are oversized and can be paired with your favorite t-shirt or tank top. A great thing about flannels at Salvation Army is that they are made with heavy material (because they were originally made presumably for lumberjacks and construction workers), and unlike one you would buy at Pac Sun or Forever 21 for triple the price, you can wear them out without freezing.


2. Cardigans

For those cold, early 8:30 am classes, what could be better than a big comfy cardigan? A great thing about buying them at a thrift shop is that they are usually from the '80s/ early '90s and their designs always have great patterns and colors. The '80s style can be a little extreme sometimes, so be sure to pair these cardigans with more fitting items such as skinny jeans or leggings. It's important when thrift shopping to make sure you balance the old and the new so that you don't look like you're wearing a costume.

cardigans 2

 3. Floor Length Skirts

A new trend on campus is the maxi-skirt, which is great for chilly fall days. Paired with a solid colored t-shirt and a scarf, the patterns of your thrift shop maxi-skirt can be an eye catching and unique look to rock while walking to class.

maxi skirt

 4. Camouflage

One of the biggest trends of the fall is camouflage, if your brother doesn’t have some laying around from his paintball phase, Salvation Armies and thrift shops are notorious for camo collections. Look for oversized jackets or vests to pair with sweaters and boots.



Fashion takes so much from the past and mixes it with the present, what better way than thrift shopping to do this while still keeping your wallet full and happy? If you're willing to search a little, there are great treasures waiting to be found!