Really Last Minute Halloween Costumes

If you find yourself scrambling for costume ideas for the remainder of the Halloween weekend, and don’t want to succumb to any cliché back-up costumes, the following costume ideas will have you dressed and ready in no time.  Fear not procrastinators, with minimal effort you can avoid the slutty outfit with car ears. 1.  Kate Middleton

Everyone has at least one Nice Dress—certified appropriate for career fairs, interviews, or court dates for your noise complaint violation.  Choose a stylish yet conservative dress, add pumps and classic accessories (i.e. pearls), and you’re good to go as the regal Duchess of Cambridge.

Add: a fancy hat or fascinator to look like authentic British royalty.

2.  Goth Kid

Before you scroll down and dismiss this seemingly obvious Halloween costume, just stop and think how easy, festive, and potentially hilarious this costume could be.  Wear all black and add plenty of dark eyeliner and you’re done!  Wear with sneakers or heels depending on your mood.  If you usually go for the Disney Princess / Angel type of Halloween costume, this could be a game-changer.

Add:   dark purple / black lipstick.  Takes a bit of bravery to pull off, but it completes the costume.

3.  Lizzie McGuire

Given that nineties / early millennial clothing inspiration has made a comeback in recent years, everyone should have some staples of the time that could help you double as this favorite Disney Channel heroine.  Wear a bright shirt, clashing print pants or skirt, and equally jazzy sneakers (or platform flip-flops, for anyone that still has those bad boys lying around).  Top with a jean jacket.

Add: hair crimper or butterfly clips.  These may be hard to come by, but Lizzie was known for her eclectic hair styles.  Bonus if you can get someone to be Miranda or Gordo with you.