Take Two: The Haas Brothers x Versace

haas brothers The dynamic duo, Simon and Nikolai Haas, has once again teamed up with the high-end brand, Versace, for an Italian inspired collection of fashion and design items. After a successful collaboration earlier this year, The Haas Brothers for Versace Home was created by the LA-based twins.  Although better known for their interior design and Cali pride, they decided to give in to their obsession with fashion. Donatella Versace was all for it, saying "I am thrilled to be working with the Haas Brothers on this special curator project. I love how they take the codes of Versace and bring them somewhere new, pushing Versace forward into a whole other world.” A world infused with exotic animal prints, gold, leather and the iconic Versace image: the head of Medusa.

Haas shorts

Inspired by "sex, gold, and Donatella herself", the brothers have created everything from a few one-of-a-kind T-shirts to a woman’s gold plate belt to a honeycomb-patterned leather iPhone 5 case. And gentleman, they’ve even included a chain for your tie.

Check out a few of their limited edition pieces below:

Haas iPhone 5 case

Haas Tank Top


Haas Tie Chain

Haas Clutches and Bracelet

Haas Belt

Haas T-Shirts

Kate Moss for Versace 2013

The collection is now available at select Versace boutiques and online at www.versace.com