Twitter Accounts to be Thankful For

For many celebrities being relevant on Twitter has become a talent within itself. Cataloging your day by way of short phrases 140 characters or less can easily separate the truly creative, wonderful minds from the totally lame ones. So if you don’t want your twitter feed to be filled with the tweets of one of your favorite stars who ate an avocado today, here are some fantastic twitter account holders fearless enough to speak their minds.



1.Sam Lansky (@samlanksy)

Lanksy is currently an editor at the music news reporting website the Idolator and has also been featured in the New York Times, The Atlantic and Lansky kisses the feet of everything pop culture and its reining satanic queen Kris Jenner. His mind is clearly warped in the best way and combines our undying love for reality television and celebrity meltdowns with amazingly clever and witty tweets.

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Recent Retweet: “Can you hear the choirs of hellish screams from the underworld as the demons sing their master's praises? (It's Kris Jenner's birthday)”


2. Lena Dunham (@lenadunham)

This is basically a no brainer, Dunham has proved time and time again that she is someone who just “gets it”.  She is tweeter who knows that us girls don’t want to hear about how she ate a tangerine for breakfast after her light morning jog.  She knows what we really like (quesadillas and dogs). Dunham doesn’t hid her genius from her twitter account and its hard not to respond to all of them with “@lenadunham how do you know so much about my life? Where are you hiding? Come out, lets be friends.”

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Latest Retweet: “There is really no need to ask your boyfriend's permission to eat a quesadilla”


3. Cher (@cher)

There is really only one reason one should follow Cher’s twitter account - she is completely insane in the most fabulous way possible. Cher’s tweets speak a lot to her true love for the caps lock button and emojis, and most of them are directed towards people who don’t even have a twitter account. For example, this last week Cher had a lot of nice (and capitalized) words to say about a woman named Kathleen. Who is this Kathleen? Will Kathleen ever see these tweets? Also from time to time, Cher likes to make sure her friend Mark is okay by tweeting “how is Mark doing?” or “has anyone seen Mark?”

For someone who doesn’t seem to have a complete handle on technology, Cher is killing it.

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Latest Retweet:



I <3 U




4. Ronan Farrow

Son of Mia Farrow, Ronan Farrow is a diplomat, lawyer, journalist and even has his own show on MSNBC. Farrow’s tweets vary from serious to comedic, but nevertheless keep you in the loop on the issues he cares about and world news. Farrow bridges the disconnect between pop culture and the real issues by luring his twitter followers with wit and charm (and a great profile picture) into his world of politics.

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Latest Retweet: “Look at Canada getting its own scandal like a real country.”


5. Hostile Goose (hostile_goose)

Hostile Goose proves to us that geese really do have feelings and aren’t as nice as they seem. Goose perseveres the inherent illiteracy that comes with being a goose and exposes his inner most thoughts, insecurities and plans for world domination. Yes this goose may be hostile, but he is fragile, a complex combination that we can all relate to.

Hostile Goose may have 59,446 followers, but he only follows one man, his idol Ray Romano. He likes a man with a good comb, but doesn’t care much for Billy Ray Cyrus.

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Latest Retweet: “am I really worth my beauty?”