A Happy Middle: Balancing Work and a Relationship

For more features on work, be sure to attend the launch of our latest issue, and get your copy of "The Work Issue." The Launch Party is this Saturday, December 7th, at 7 p.m. at the Study Hall Lounge on South U! For those of you faced with the daily struggle of trying to squeeze in some quality time with your significant other amongst a heavy work load, listen up. (But if this is taking you away from the opportunity of being cuddled up with your romantic partner, quickly read through the impending tips or come back to it at a later time!) It is a longstanding misconception that you cannot have a career and a relationship without one of them suffering. Researchers have looked into the subject of work and relationships, and have come to this conclusion: a person in a strong relationship not only thrives in the workplace but is also expected to live a longer life than those in an unhealthy union. So go ahead, call in sick! Your partner and your health will be thanking you.

SHEI presents the following tips that will get you on your way to finding the perfect balance.

1.       Little things do count. While we’d love to be able to call off anytime we’re in dire need of a love fix, the opportunity to do so doesn’t often present itself. Plus, we wouldn’t want you missing that much time off work! Remember, the goal is to find a balance. Take breaks between your work duties and call your significant other to check in and say hello. Make plans for lunch. Invite them on trips to the grocery store or the local Target and use the time in the car rides to and fro to catch up. If the two of you end up having to take some work home, work separately but in each other’s company. Make the most of your time together, even if it is just a quick kiss in passing. Little things like this will make it known to your partner just how much you appreciate them.


2.       Them them separated. Just like we don’t mix the sweet with the salty, keep your relationship and your work life separate. It’s the key to keeping both worlds happy. When at work, focus solely on the task at hand. Do not let your love life become a distraction. The more work you get done in the office, the more time you’ll have to spend with your sweetheart afterwards. Similarly, you should not be taking your attention off your partner by thinking about your job or discussing the latest gossip amongst your coworkers. Instead, talk about things that will interest the both of you. Set aside your iPhone; the emails can wait. You’ll find it easier to dedicate yourself to both aspects of your life when you focus on one at a time.


3.       Sometimes, quitting isn’t all that bad. If you find that you are working into the late hours on a regular basis and it is preventing you from spending time with your partner, it might be time to rethink your occupational goals. Maybe you can devise a schedule that works well with you and is approved of by your boss. Likewise, if you’re significant other is constantly giving you a hard time about not paying him/her enough attention, it may be time to cut it off. Being supportive of each other’s aspirations is essential in a successful relationship.

There are not enough hours in the day, that’s for sure. But there are enough to dedicate to your career while still having leftovers to spend with your significant other. With a little bit of work (pun intended), you’ll have it all!