A Tailored Opinion: Top Movies to See Over Holiday Break

Well, if you are anything like me, then over the course of your holiday break you will enjoy copious amounts of food and a little thing I like to call Netflix. But alas, there are only so many hours of Gossip Girl you can indulge in before you find yourself becoming Upper East Side, stir crazy. If you  find yourself in this situation then you'll probably attack this issue head first like the rest of us. You'll pick your favorite outfit and put on some bright lipstick, call a friend, and head to the movies.  


Fortunately for you, there are a plethora of great choices to see this holiday season. But for the purposes of this post, I will pick my top three choice movies to venture out in the below freezing weather for (that is unless you are one of the lucky ones escaping the Michigan cold for some good old fashion sunlight and double digit temperatures).


Looks like hevan right about now... http://worldhealthiness.com/six-free-doctors/

Now let us begin with a classic tale of a San Diego news team venturing all the way to big and fabulous New York City to head the global news network team. Yes folks, Ron Burgundy is back for Anchorman 2 and he is better than ever. While the movie doesn’t have an Oscar nomination in its future, it is still worth the trip to the theater.


Take it from experience people, you will not stop laughing the entire two hours of the film. From the fried bats, to the fake deaths all the way down to the shark Dobie, this movie has it all.  However, I would not be a true critic if I didn’t mention the inappropriate and often racist jokes that come up in the film, but alas this is a convention of the time the movie is set in, so it isn't completely without pretense.

Yea this happened and we loved it... http://highbrowhiphop.com/drake-will-appear-in-anchorman-2/

And don’t be fooled, amidst all of the laughter and stupidity, there lies some interesting angles to the story. With dozens of celebrity cameos and a love story for the ages, the movie explores a whole new era in news that began in the 1980’s. The educational premise comes from the transition we see from the news being hard hitting and investigative, to being more soft, light and entertaining for audiences worldwide.

All in all, the sequel is just as funny and entertaining than the first and it is definitely worth a trip to your local theater to check it out for yourself! But if this sort of humor isn’t for you, keep reading for more suggestions.



My number two movie for this break, may actually get an Oscar nod this year. American Hustle has an extraordinary cast from Jlaw, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner and a very fat Christian Bale. The movie combines humor, the glitz and glamour of the time period, and the invigorating appeal of  old fashioned con-artists to provide the audience with a great 2 hour and 15 minute escape from the 2013 world.


Opening with a black screen that simply reads “ some of this stuff actually happened” and continuing through to a hilarious scene of Christian Bale perfecting his barely there hair, the movie has something in it for everyone.  Amy Adams is simply perfection in her portrayal of a scorned con artist; there are even whispers of an Oscar nod for the famed actress. Christian Bale, no shock here, does it again with his amazing acting and New York accent. Bradley Cooper’s character may have been a bit annoying , but boy can that man rock a perm! Jeremy Renner, my love since The Hurt Locker, continues to do his thing as a good-hearted, but desperate mayor of New Jersey. Finally to complete the list of amazing lead ensemble actors, Jennifer Lawrence is sensational. Her acting as a depressed and eccentric housewife not only brings humor to the movie, but she has some amazing on-screen moments. Hopefully we get to see her fall at another Oscars!


The movie takes you back to a different time and really immerses the audience into this story, a definite must see!


Finally, the last movie that I am most excited to see this Christmas break, hasn’t come out yet but it by one of my favorite directors. Martin Scorsese, who also made my favorite movie Goodfellas, is at it again with Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. Along with a supporting cast of Jonah Hill and Matthew McConaughey (fully clothed this time), this movie is said to be the performance of Dicaprio’s career. Hopefully he will actually be nominated, show up and win an Oscar this time? I think we can all agree that this moment has been long deserved.


The film is about the story of crooked banker, Jordan Belfort and his many schemes and exploits during his time on Wall Street, and before serving time in prison. The film has already gotten much praise at various film festivals and I know I cant wait to see Leo dance during the film (if any of you have seen the trailer, then you know what I am talking about)!



Those are the movies that I am most excited about, but here is a list of a few other notables that I have been hearing about: Joaquin Phoenix’s Her, Saving Mr. Banks and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (who wouldn't want to hear Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice as a greedy dragon for three hours?)





Well that is all I have for now, but here is some links to movie trailers mentioned,





Have a very happy holiday filled with food, fun and MOVIES!