Don't Call It a Comeback: 90's Fashion

With all of the ranting and raving of how good the 90's were, from the Saturday morning cartoons to the iconic music, it is no surprise that we'd find a way to bring the influential decade back the best way we could. Yes, 90's fashion is making a comeback and it's not leaving any flannel or tie-dyed shirt behind. Part of what made fashion in the 90's so unique was its impeccable way of making the simplest items in your closet transform into in-your-face statement outfits. Pairing contrasting  prints together along with statement accessories, was just one mantra that many followed in styling outfits during this decade. There was also a heavy influence through media and culture that allowed people to draw fashion inspiration. Music was original and fun in the 90's, with hip-hop and rock and roll influencing not only what people listened to, but also what they wore to concerts and clubs. Today we have kept up with some of these key aspects in styling and have created a new spin to the 90's fashion era. Pulling back on the grunge and attitude that the 90's mastered so well , we've begun to create looks that garner more cohesiveness and luxury,  aspects more relevant to this  decade.

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There is nothing like the look and feel of silky velvet to get someone excited for the winter. Velvet is here (not sure for how long), and we must enjoy it while it lasts. This trend has been going in and out of the circuit for decades, but it has made its way back into the stores with styles like sweet baby doll dresses, fit skinny pants, and chic jackets. Velvet's presence in the 90's could be seen in anything from dresses to skirts to jackets.  This 90's trend adds luxuriousness to the more simple items in our closets, and it is a great way to make an unexpected statement.

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Obviously sports uniforms have been around forever, but the stylish wear of sports jerseys and sports jackets are making waves again. The style exudes a laid-back demeanor, while also giving the impression that you know a little something about sports. Great ways to work this style, especially for the winter time, is with layering. Utilize a baseball shirt (you can find these in thrift stores or sport shops) to throw over a t-shirt or blouse to keep warm while showing off add a warm your sporty attitude!

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It seems it was just yesterday we were all in kindergarten wearing jean overalls and discussing the latest episode of Blues Clues, but the times have changed and so has the 90's style of the jean ones-y. From neighborhood playgrounds to television shows, you could find someone somewhere wearing a pair of overalls. Sometimes styled with one strap clipped on and the other hanging off, or paired with funky T-shirts underneath, overalls were a walking fashion controversy. Now the style is back and it's making new strides with chic leather, corduroy, and jean styles. Bringing this item back it is all about the styling. Layer the look and mix it up with accessories to make the ones-y a cohesive part of your overall look.

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Graphic tee-shirts have never really been out of style, however, its most inventive styling has come from the 90's decade. Whether it be a favorite band or a catchy phrase of the moment, the versatility of the graphic tee allowed any person to express themselves with whatever genre of culture they enjoyed. Even though we have new music artists and new catch phrases within this decade, the appeal to the graphic tee's from 90's pop culture is more prevalent, pushing more stores to create graphic tee's that appear vintage rather than new age.

The 90's  was a decade that can be summed up in one word: experimental. Everything left over from the 1980's, transitioning into the 21st century, were blended together to form different rule of how items in our closets could work together. The aura of this decade was one of nonchalance and the expression of uniqueness through personal style.  It's clear that this feeling still resonates well with the times of today.