Interview Outfit 101

For more features on work, be sure to attend the launch of our latest issue, and get your copy of "The Work Issue." The Launch Party is this Saturday, December 7th, at 7 p.m. at the Study Hall Lounge on South U! With many girls out there graduating and looking to transition into the adult world (pause for a dramatic effect), it's time to start thinking about interviews. Polishing resumes, getting that perfect letter of recommendation, asking your cousin's friend's dad for an "in" are all a part of the process, but when the morning of that interview comes, what are you going to wear? You don't want to look too fancy, but you definitely don't want to be underdressed. You don't want to make a fashion statement your first time in the office, but you don't want to blend into the wall, either. Check out some of our favorite looks when deciding what to wear for that big interview.



First up, we have a fabulous outfit with a great set of pants, a loose blouse, some simple yet perfect for the office pumps, a great black and gold bag that could also work as a staple in your closet, and a bracelet with a fun pop of blue to add some color. These skinny fit pants are made of herringbone, a material that looks like wool but has a super-soft, cotton-like feel, that make them look fancier than they really feel. This will keep you comfy while answering the tough questions. Their simple gray color lets you mix and match other elements of your outfit while maintaining a professional look. Remember that pop of color though, it really does make a look even with a simple accessory.




An artistically printed dress, a short, fitted jacket with an asymmetrical zip, a textured, patterned clutch, strappy black pumps with gold heels, and simple yet elegant drop gold earrings. This outfit is geared towards interviewing for a creative position-- think the entertainment or social media fields. While it remains professional and you're not going to be showing too much skin by any means, it does not meet the requirements for a corporate office appropriate look. You'll definitely make an impression with all the different patterns and textures without turning heads for the wrong reasons. The clutch is also a great move if you've already sent in your resume and don't need to bring anything with you-- no need to lug around your big bag with all the essentials.




Finally, is an adorable outfit that covers all the creative interview outfit bases: simple, geometrical gold necklace, over the shoulder bag with a gold chain, white blouse with a unique cut between the neck and shoulders, timeless, patterned pencil skirt, and white and beige pumps that will work year round (forget the no white after Labor Day rule-- it's 2013). This outfit is great because it is youthful but professional. Your potential employer will know you're still in your early twenties and don't want to be all buttoned up and corporate just yet. With this look you get to shake off your lack of experience in a new field and tell your interviewer you are ready for this job!


When planning your interview outfit, remember that these are just three outfits so feel free to mix and match, depending on your position. Either way, remember to have your outfit prepared the night before-- you don't want to be frazzled and rushed before the big day! Each piece of these outfits comes price information and where you can purchase these pieces. They were chosen because they are not insanely expensive and to show that you can still look professional without spending CEO prices. So good luck! Can't wait to see you on the cover of Forbes!