Top 50 New Years Resolutions

Well well, another year gone, another year older, more things accomplished, and many more things left unsaid or undone. The end of the year is a time to reflect on the adventures we had, or lack thereof. More importantly though, it is a time to start planning on how to make the next year even better.

Yup, you guessed it, time to talk about New Year's resolutions kids. Best get thinking before that ball drops at midnight!

Compiled by yours truly is some New Year's resolutions, from the most common, to some personal ones, to the very outrageous that we want to happen. Feel free to comment and add your own if I have missed anything! Without further ado, here they are!

1. Travel more (London calling?)

2. Do better in school

3. Start going to the gym/lose 5 pounds

4. Find a significant other

5. Find a perfect job or internship

6. Get married

7. Stop drinking so much

8. Take up a new hobby

9. Learn to play an instrument

10. Change up your fashion style

11. Get a new wardrobe (out with the old, in with the new!)

12. Get a pet

13. Spend more time with family

14.  Read a book (SHEI magazine perhaps?)

15. Spend less time on Netflix (who are we kidding...)

16. Get a Netflix (BINGO!)

17. Spend less money

18. Go abroad

19. Do something spontaneous

20. Try new foods

21. Learn how to cook those foods

22. Less time on facebook

23. Take more pictures

24. Organize those photos (Instagram anyone?)

25.  Do something for charity

26. Socialize more in person than online or over the phone

27.  Watch less tv (Homeland is always the exception to this of course)

28. Run a marathon

29. Learn how to run (for those of us who are actively disinclined)

30. Bungee jump

31. Memorize the map of the world (know the world, then see it!!)

32.  Quit smoking

33. Eat less chocolate

34.  Read or buy a newspaper (help a dying breed!)

35.  Go to the movies more

36. Watch tv on an actual tv screen more

37. Give the laptop a rest (nearly impossible)

38.  Redecorate

39. Meet more people

40.  Get famous (youtube anyone?)

41. Stop judging people

42.  Go on a detox

43. Get more sleep

44.  Stop procrastinating

45. Learn a new language

46.  Try yoga

47. Worry less

48.  Go for a daily walk

49. Meet a celebrity


50.  Get/get rid of a tattoo


Oh the possibilities are endless!

Add some more if you think we missed some, just comment! Keep some of these in mind as you begin to plan the next year out!

Hope you have a wonderful new year with all of your family and friends, enjoy it and try to stick with those resolutions!

And remember if they don’t work out, there is always next year!

What are you doing New Years Eve? Watch the video because Zoey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon Levitt are amazing.