What to watch: Gloss48

logo Gloss48 is an innovative new beauty website that brings beauty junkies the best of the best in beauty products. According to Team Gloss48, a “beauty junkie” is anyone who is known for getting emotionally attached to his or her products from time to time, or whose day brightens up after a new makeup purchase. Whether or not this describes you exactly, this website is definitely worth checking out. Gloss48 prides itself on finding the perfectly priced products to enhance their client’s natural beauty. Their goal is to take the guesswork out of discovering great niche brands, and they test everything they advertise themselves. They’re you new best beauty-obsessed friend who will help you find just the thing that will add an extra something to an otherwise ordinary look.

To use the website, make an account by entering your email and creating a password. Take advantage of the wish list feature to favorite products while you shop. That way, you can come back to products later and easily transfer them directly into your shopping cart when you’re ready to check out. And don’t forget to invite friends to make their own accounts using Facebook or Twitter! After all, the more the merrier.

the shop

Then, make your way to The Shop, the gem of Gloss48. The Shop is almost like the makeup version of a gorgeously designed museum exhibit, but with beauty products! The home page consists of the team’s long-time favorite merchandise that never goes out of style. Even if you don’t have something specific in mind but are looking to make improvements, The Shop offers great suggestions to get you started. Each product comes with a “why we love it” description that will help you decide if it’s the thing for you, as well as other recommendations from the same brand. And if you need more information about a product or how to use it, there will most likely be a link to Gloss48’s blog, which is full of all sorts of tips and tricks.

This website won’t leave you hanging when it comes to how to use all their fabulous products. The blog is chock full of helpful how-to videos featuring members of the team and licensed estheticians. After hand-testing every product they sell on their website, Team Gloss48 really does know which products are the best, and they know how to use them best! The most recent featured video—courtesy of InStyle—provides a great tutorial to teach you how to use your favorite products to create a Jennifer Lawrence-inspired look. Or, check out the “Get to Know Your Skin Type” article; it’s an excellent resource if you’re ready to start a new skin care regimen but may not know where to start. Gloss48 understand…it’s a big endeavor!


Whether or not you decide to buy anything just yet, it’s definitely worth taking a few minutes to peruse Gloss48. Not only is it informative, it’s fun! Every post is written with love and fresh excitement that unfortunately, isn’t always the case when it comes to picking beauty products. Gone are the days of applying the same old drab makeup every morning. Gloss48 encourages its customers to be fearless and fabulous before, during, and after their primping sessions. Use shimmery eyeliner on your cheeks, be brave and test out a bold color on your lips. Wherever your makeup experiments lead you, know that Gloss48 will be there to back you up, boost your confidence, and if necessary, bring you back from an experiment gone wrong.


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