A Tailored Opinion: Golden Globes Redux

Well hello world. The holidays have past, the pounds we gained from all of the home cooked food is still there and even more importantly it’s a new year. And what does the new year mean? WELL awards season of course!!  


While the golden globes was a week ago, I am only posting now because I have just come out of this shock. Lets recap shall we? LEO finally won for his amazing portrayal in The Wolf of Wall Street, and just lie a model’s… okay we won’t get into those jokes again but bravo for Tina and Amy for that one, my favorite joke of the night! Leo has now caused an internet frenzy because everyone on the planet cannot fathom how he has not won an Oscar yet, I mean he has been in the business for how long now? A VERY LONG TIME PEOPLE. I mean the fact that he didn’t get anything for Titanic or Departed is just a testament of the conspiracy the people of the academy have against this man. But alas, his time has come, I think he will actually walk away with that hideous gold statue come the Oscars!



What else was amazing during the course of the evening? Well let’s talk about Aaron Paul closing out Breaking Bad, the end of a meth filled era, with his signature line “Yea Bitch!” And lest not we forget our favorite Jennifer Lawrence won for her nail polished obsessed character in American Hustle. And even though she accepted her award in a Dior diaper (from their new line) we still love everything about her and she deserved the award, let’s hope for another Oscar for her, with an even better Oscar acceptance speech and walk to the podium! Here is why we love her all the same:


Now we cannot forget Tina Fey’s subtle yet much needed dig at Taylor Swift, why was she at the golden globes anyways? I feel like she has identity crisis issues,you started out as a country singer Tswift—stay there.


Amy Poehler went on to win for Parks and Recreation which was another cherry on a great night hosting. From the jokes to the speeches to the insanely long walks to the front of the theater (come on people, you couldn’t figure out a better system of getting winners to the front, or maybe show a clip of their work as they make their 45 second walk to the front)!



Now onto what’s important, can we talk about some of those dresses? I mean the ones people got from designers, not off the rack like Hayden Penetierre- come on girl you make millions, milk it!



Lets start with one of my favorites, from an actress that I didn’t know too much about before the awards, Lupita Nyong'o quite possibly stole the show for me with this elegant and fierce dress by Ralph Lauren. Equipped with a cape and all, this red dress did everything but clash with the red carpet, in fact it stole the show!




Margot Robbie, from the Wolf of Wall Street had my second favorite dress on. The Australian beauty was in a Gucci gown that fit in all the right places.



Now if you have not seen this amazing women in Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, you must do so immediately because  she did a phenomenal job. Her dress was the epitome of class. In a black lace gown by Armani Prive, Blanchett’s dress was a work of art on the carpet.



Kate Beckinsale’s dress also looked lovely (even though her face didn’t is it just me or did she get some work done? Her face looked very puffy and frozen throughout the night) Her dress was by one of my favorite designers Zuhair Murad. The gun metallic gown glittered on the carpet!



A few other honorable mentions go to Emma Watson who took a huge risk in a Dior dress, paired with black leather pants. The dress looks simply like a dress from the front, but the back is where we see the twist. And a big risk it was, but she pulled it off, another one of the best looks from the evening.



Elizabeth Moss wore a form fitting, shiny J. Mendel deep red gown that certainly caught our eye. We couldn’t decide which was better, the dress or the fact that she flipped the bird twice on the mani cam!



TRAINWRECK—comes in two words, Paula Patton. Robin Thicke’s wife sported a white Stephane Rolland Couture form fitting gown with…. With… with what can only be described as a giant ruffle along one side of it. She presented not one but two awards for I cant even say because I was too preoccupied looking at that hideous ruffles- monstrosity.



Apart from that lets talk about how Emma Thompson actually ran across the red carpet then proceeded to throw her Christian Louboutin heels as she presented an award?! You go Emma!



Finally was I the only one who noticed Pdiddy giving out way too many hugs? He may have had one too many drinks because he then interrupted a winner’s speech (you know the guy with the man bun?) saying they partied on a boat together in St. Barts. Oh the lives of the rich and famous..




Well this post is one in a series that will come out of awards season! But let’s hope the hosts of the next awards can make us smile and laugh just like Amy and Tina did. Let snot forget about the bit with Julia Louis-Dreyfus. If you didn’t catch it, it involved an electric cigarette. And what about the crack at George Clooney? You know the one about him having to go all the way out into space to avoid being with a woman his own age! Let’s not forget the bit with Jonah Hill, a pool party, and his goods… needless to say those ladies got everyone in Hollywood even Matt Damon the garbage collector.




That’s all for now folks, until next time xoxo