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Picture this: You are walking to class on an ordinary Wednesday afternoon. As you stroll across campus you notice something different about the way people are dressed—particularly the men. You begin to notice that most men have ditched the usual sweatpants and graphic tee duo; the horrifying New Balance running shoes and jeans combo has almost completely vanished. Instead men everywhere are dressed in tan corduroys, navy blazers, and ribbed sweaters. Their shoes cannot be used at the gym and their t-shirts do not proclaim beer companyslogans. You gasp in delight as you pass each incredibly well-dressed man. Unfortunately this world, like most perfect things, does not exist.

However, a world where men make greater wardrobe decisions than choosing with sweatshirt smells better, is not far from reach in today’s society. And the guys at Deuce Style are at the forefront of making this world of stylish men a reality.

Deuce Style is a men’s fashion blog founded by two Ann Arbor natives, Zalo Gonzalez and Cy Abdelnour. The two guys met back in high school, but didn’t start their blog until after they came back from their trips abroad. Zalo went to Europe and Cy traveled to Japan. After talking about their trips, they both came to the realization how incredibly well-dressed the men were outside the United States. They were disgruntled by the knowledge that men were comfortable with dressing well in other countries, while men in the U.S. didn’t seem to put any energy into their sartorials. The two guys realized how passionate they really were about men’s fashion and decided to take action. Thus Deuce Style was born.

Zalo Gonzalez and Cy Abdelnour.  Photo: Madeline Moog  Edited: Cy Abdelnour

Deuce Style’s mission statement is “to help men learn to dress—or start to dress—better.” They want to be the guiding force that helps men learn that dressing well doesn’t have to be difficult. At the same time, Zalo and Cy both wish to eliminate the misconception that you have to spend a great deal of money in order to dress well.

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In order to do this, the guys have found that understanding who you are, what you would like to wear, and in turn what fits you best is the absolute key to revolutionizing men’s closets. Once men are able to understand what styles and brands fit them best, they will be not only better dressed, but also more confident. Zalo and Cy are true believers in the power of fashion and confidence. A well-fitting outfit that looks and feels great will altogether help create a happier man inside and out.

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They also believe “thrifting” is key in order to find great pieces without breaking any budget. With a little effort, they have been able to uncover some of their most favorite articles of clothing, such as a once $300 suit for only $3. They say that if guys everywhere were able to put just a little more energy into shopping and creating their wardrobes, the results would be miraculous.

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Deuce Style as a blog is a place where men interested in fashion can find pictures and articles on current styles and trends. Zalo and Cy hope for their blog to be a place where men can go in order to stay attuned to the latest in men’s fashion and lifestyle. And the passion these two guys have for the art of fashion is showcased within every post. This blog is truly a must-see for fashion lovers everywhere.

To learn a little more about all of the great things these guys are doing and to check out the blog click here.

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