Queen B

For anyone who watched the Grammy's and for those who watched Youtube clips the next morning, it is obvious who stole the show. As the opening act, Beyonce showed the world she still knows what's up and doesn't need a little statue to know she's made it. In fact, she was accompanied solely by a chair, a revolving bit of floor space, and her husband, Jay-Z as she sang "Drunk in Love". Other acts required fake church sets and those that didn't- *cough* Lorde's- were fairly uneventful. Hitting each note perfectly, the performance could have been another lip-syncing scandal because she sang flawlessly. Before she  left the stage, arm-in-arm with her husband, she flashed the world that beautiful smile; a smile reminding everyone that she was still Queen B even if she wasn't nominated for any awards this year. It will be interesting to see what happens next year, when her album BEYONCE will have had a year out on the market. We at SHEI think its safe to say this won't be the last time she steals the show. Skeptical? Take a look yourself.