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SHEI Magazine is a University of Michigan student-run fashion, art, and pop culture publication. Everything from the photography, writing, modeling, editing, and publicity of our bi-yearly print publications and monthly digital mini is created by students who attend the University of Michigan. Founded in 1999, SHEI Magazine continues to produce issues of professional quality, as well as provide real-world experience to students interested in journalism, publishing, and the fashion industries.

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Treat Yourself- Become a Subscriber

Megan Koopman

As the holiday season comes to a close, so must the joys of present opening. Shaking the box to guess what’s inside and tearing the shiny gift wrap to shreds  is all in past, or is it? As Tom and Donna from Parks and Recreation might say “treat yo self”. Who says that the adrenalin rush of opening gifts has to end when the radio stations finally stop playing holiday hits? With monthly subscription boxes we can indulge ourselves with the delights of opening a box with no clue what’s inside all year long. Although having to pay for our own gifts may not have the same charm as to those under the Christmas tree, subscription boxes are a great post-holiday depression cure. Subscription boxes come in many different themes, sizes and prices, so choosing one can be hard. Here are a few of the internet’s top rated to “treat yo self” in 2014.  Birchbox

Price: $10

What’s in the box: This subscription box is for the girl who love to go to Sephora and try stuff on, but can’t quite commit. Birchbox will send you a box full of sample size make-up monthly. This is great for trying out new make-up tricks and finding what brands work best for you without paying full size price. Even though the make-up is small, their original prices still usually exceed $10 so the box is full of great deals. Also, occasionally Birchbox throws in full size products, but you don't know until you open it, and who doesn’t love a surprise like that?



Price: $10

What’s in the box: Similar to Birchbox, Ipsy is a beauty product subscription box. The difference between the two is that Birchbox can sometimes lean more towards skincare while Ipsy is all make-up. Each month Ipsy will send you a small bag (a different one each month) filled with new products to experiment with.



Price: $125/4 months

What’s in the box: For the girls who love a good DIY project, Lullubee is for you. Each month subscribers receive crafts kits including all the materials and instructions.  These crafts are super cute and Pinterest worthy! Each box also includes a monthly surprise, which could be a new craft tool or extra supplies for your kit. They also have a website full of video tutorials for those who need additional help.



Price: $19-29

What’s in the box: If leaving your dog at the end of winter break brought a tear to your eye, this subscription box can help ease the “sorry Buddy, I can’t take you with me because my apartment building has a strict no pet policy” guilt.  Barkbox will sends high-quality products to pamper your pooch.  Everything it sends is size appropriate so your Great Dane doesn’t end up with a bone for a Chihuahua. Also, 10% of your purchase will go towards helpings other dogs in need.