Let Her Be Your Ruler

With two Grammy wins under her belt, a number one hit (and the first New Zealander to do so) on the Billboard Top 100, and a strong feminist attitude, Lorde has a lot to look forward to at the ripe young age of 17. Though we mostly hear about her friendship with Taylor Swift or her odd hand movements during her performances, we should not overlook her budding fashion sense that is hitting red carpets and stages hard. Lorde, or Ella Yelich-O'Connor, has an extremely versatile look that mixes Renaissance, Janis Joplin and the Addams Family.  Her ability to incorporate all of these influences into a single look or effortlessly bounce between the three is undoubtedly impressive.


Here, Lorde captivates the red carpet with a simple yet chic look with a gelled back ponytail, smokey eyes and a daring purple lip that draws all the attention to her alien yet stunning facial features.



In this image we see another side to this teenage beauty with a subtle cat-eye liner, a braided up-do and a Marie Antoinette-esque gown. Again, Lorde goes for a strong lip highlighting her pale skin.


Lorde's style trademark, her crazy brunette locks, seem to effortlessly frame her face.


During this performance, Lorde seems totally entranced in her music while also channeling Janis Joplin with her wild hair and gothic attire that still has a youthful flare with an exposed midriff.

Lorde's style will continue to develop and grow as she does. With her career booming at such a young age she has ample time to progress both as an artist and a style icon. Her publicly-stated, open disregard for critics, and "haters" can only mean we will have many more years of fashion risks and rewards from Lorde.