Polished in the Polar Vortex

With terrible weather wrecking half the country, it's tough to find fun, easy pick-me-ups to make these short days seem like a little less of a bummer. But, with some amazing new nail polishes hitting the shelves, why not get a few girlfriends together for a polish party? In the bleakness of these incessant snowstorms, here are a few nail polishes to add a pop of fun to your treks to and from work or class.  


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Marc Jacobs-- Enamored Nail Glaze in Petra Charcoal ($18)

The Marc Jacobs in Petra Charcoal has an amazing lacquer look while also incorporating a shimmer that recalls Old Hollywood. The whole Enamored line, inspired by Marc Jacob's newest runway shows is a great improvement from the average lacquer nail polish out right now. This Petra Charcoal is great for winter as it uses neutral colors with a subtle shine.

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Urban Decay-- Zodiac ($15)

With a dynamic micro-sparkle and a wave of shades in one bottle, this super limited edition Zodiac Urban Decay nail polish is a serious thumbs up. A powerful, mysterious dark blue mixed with a mossy green, this color will make your nails pop against the bleak weather. Be sure to paint on a layer of topcoat to keep the sparkle for as long as possible.


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Butter London-- Pearly Queen ($10)

This color may look simple, but on your nails it has a fantastic sheen that makes it look snowy and soft. Described as a "winter white," this lacquer seems to have been made for the winter months. The subtlety of this neutral color is both sophisticated and modern as we have seen lots of white nails hitting red carpets and runways within the past few months.


Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.33.24 PM


Rescue Beauty-- Killa Red ($18)

Finally, we have a nail polish that lives up to its name: Killa Red. While other polishes blend in beautifully with the winter months, this Rescue Beauty color says "screw it, I'm still fiery hot in this polar vortex!" Especially for those whose tans have faded in the lack of sun, this brilliant red color will pop and make you that much more ready for spring break.

Hopefully, these polishes will make you want to bear the weather and leave your gloves behind. And while these colors look great please remember that the cold can wreak havoc on your nails so remember to keep your cuticles healthy with natural oils and keep your hands moisturized. These two simple steps (do it before bed or when you wake up in the morning-- easy to remember!) will keep your nails looking great!