The Chloe and Isabel Experience

Having just launched the new spring collection, Chloe and Isabel jewelry is the latest craze and selling fast. This New York City brand began in 2011 and has been expanding ever since. Each piece is hand-crafted, hypo-allergenic, lead and nickel free, and yet that is not even the best part of the Chloe and Isabel company.

Chloe and Isabel is a company where a close-knit community is formed among merchandisers. CEO Chantel Waterbury founded this company with the idea of creating a flexible opportunity for those interested in working in the fashion industry while also learning to be that daring, brave, and courageous entrepreneur.

The “Growth and Empowerment” program (GEM) is a special program for college students to be Chloe and Isabel merchandisers. While still taking college courses and participating in on campus organizations and clubs, students are given the opportunity to run their own business. The program is designed to give students the real-world experience they are itching for and teach them skills beyond classroom curriculum.

Chloe and Isabel may appear to be merely a jewelry business, but to all the merchandisers out there in the Chloe and Isabel community, the company means so much more.

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