A Tailored Opinion: OSCAR REDUX!

Well well ladies and gentlemen, the most anticipated night for fashion and fabulous people has just ended and we here at SHEI are already counting down the days until the next Academy Awards! But until then, keep reading for a full redux of the star-studded night from the fashion, to the jokes and so much more! Presenting, the best of the Oscars 2014:

Let’s take this in order and start with the amazing red carpet fashions. Just as predicted, the theme of the night seemed to be blush and flesh tones, like light pastels or nudes. But that’s not all, the best dresses were glittering from head to toe with intricate beading, lace and sequins, that really brought back simple elegance and glamour to the red carpet. Scroll down for some pictures of the classic and timeless fashion looks we saw tonight!

Giuliana Rancic


Cate Blanchett


Jessica Biel


Sara Paulson


Naomi Watts


Emma Watson


Lupita Nyong’o


Jennifer Lawrence


Speaking of JLaw, one of our favorite ladies these days, the poor thing took another tumble, reminiscent of last years Oscars when she fell accepting her academy award. But never fear, she got up with grace and some laughs on the red carpet. I can just imagine how the Oscars drinking games are starting off…

Charlize Theron


Anne Hathaway, the girl we love to hate, yet with this dress, she pulled it off this season and it helped distract us from her annoyingness on stage! You go Anne!



Cristin Milioti


Kristen Bell


Angelina Jolie, though now I am mostly team Jenn, tonight, Angelina wins my vote in her stunning gown.


Kate Hudson


Jennifer Garner


Feminine beauty was not the only thing to make a comeback on the carpet this year.

Another theme of the night was among the dapper men at the Oscars: white tuxedos! In a classic and retro style that we wish would come back for good, take a look at some of the hottest guys on the carpet.


Jared Leto


Matthew Mcconaughey


Chris Hemsworth and his very pregnant wife in a gorgeous dress,


Ryan Seacrest, we love you Ry-guy.


Benedict Cumberbatch and John Legend (and his gorgeous wife), just because I love them.all.



The next part in our series, ELLEN AS AN OSCAR HOST #oscars #blessed (those of you who paid super close attention to this momentous night will understand the hashtags, to the rest, shame on you)


Ellen did not disappoint. While I will say I was skeptical when I heard she was hosting, because she usually doesn’t do "mean" celebrity jokes, which is what we love about the Oscars. But she did not disappoint. From jokes about Liza Minnelli being a man, to adding up the total years of college among the attendees (she capped it at 6 years total) her jokes were delivered with ease and got a good laugh from everyone, here are some more highlights from her monologue:


Then there were her jokes about the hunger games(Jenniefer Lawrence did win last year!) And let's not forget how she took a good 3 minutes to talk about Jlaw's fall, both last year and this year! But Jlaw took it like a champ!

We will agree with her on one thing, Jared Leto was the most beautiful person at the Oscars tonight, sorry ladies...but it's true.

What about when she ordered pizza for everyone?! Wonder how much Harvey Weinstein tipped the pizza guy...? Oh, and what I would do to hand pizza to Brad Pitt!

Some honorable mentions,

THE MOST EPIC SELFIE OF ALL TIME took place when Ellen tried to break the number of retweets with a selfie with over ten celebs from JLaw, Bradley Cooper, Angelina and Brad, Meryl Streep, Channing Tatum and so many more...the selfie to rule them all.




Okay so I have never seen Despicable Me, but I kind of want to now after Pharrell’s performance of the song Happy, with his awesome hat . Let’s not forget about the trio of celebs that danced along with his performance, yeah we are talking about you, Meryl.

Bradley Cooper. That is all:


I wonder if he actually won anything from that scratch off?

OH. BENEDICT, you never fail to disappoint:


Well that’s all I have for you on the amazing Oscars fashions, surprises and celebrities! If you are like me, then you are currently planning on how to get onto the carpet for next year (I will hold someone’s umbrella!) I will leave you with one final parting,  the only thing that seemed to be missing from this Oscars was Queen Bey herself....(on a side note, watch her video for Partition if you haven't.  It oozes amazingness)


Here is that video of poor Jlaw falling again, just because we love her: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgmpC14s_js


And this is where I will leave you.  In the meantime, I will be plotting my way into Jared Leto’s heart and counting down until the next Oscars!