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Collection Review: Designs by Tuesdai

Erika Bell

If you catch yourself needing a little retail therapy and you want an item that will last you through the decades, Designs by Tuesdai is your destination spot. The handbag brand, developed by the spunky collage artist-turned-handbag designer Tuesdai, encompasses unique designs made for those who are looking to stand out in a crowd. Her latest collection entitled, Messi Floor, captures an era of old-school soul meets new-school quirky. The collection ranges from vintage and retro styles to classic and fun. With these handbags you can expect to find pieces that stand out against any outfit you put them with. It can be a simple LBD or a floor-length gown, either way, you can find something chic to hold on to as you make your way out of the house.

If you're looking to have glamorous night out on the town, try the bold Anna clutch. With glistening stones and colorful jewels surrounding the center, this little piece would definitely turn heads and make a simple outfit stand out. Tuesdai views her handbags as "reflective of [her buyer's] personality," with each Messi Floor bag as an "open book telling you a little story about the person that's wearing it."


Anna Clutch: Designs by Tuesdai /Dress: Daily Look

When asked about where she finds the inspiration behind her handbags, Tuesdai says she tries to imagine where the item might show up. "Whether on a college student's arm at a Justin Timberlake concert or upon the arm of Vogue's Anna Wintour,"  having this perspective leads the designer into many avenues in which she can project her dreams onto the arms of reality.

If you want to make a statement, the custom-made Motown Girl handbag is all you need to bring the party to wherever you are. This piece's design centers around the glamour of the 70's with purple and pink sequins and old school music pieces to add even more pizzazz. Motown Girl takes having a love for music to a whole new level! Try pairing this piece with a sleek jumpsuit to give the item the spotlight it truly deserves.


Motown Girl Bag: Designs by Tuesday/Jumpsuit: Body Central

With the detailed precision of every bag in the Messi Floor Collection, we come to wonder where the designer could find the drive to create such a large amount of one-of-a-kind pieces. She makes it clear that she doesn't have "a Cinderella story" that put her to where she is today. She believes that she is just someone who "desires to do something out of the norm with her gift," and she's willing to put in her all to make it happen.

Even though there are so many stand-out bags in the Messi Floor Collection for upscale events, there are also some bags for the everyday schedule as well. Try the Amelia handbag with a chic black crocodile print, adorned with jewels and a china-face doll pin in the center. Look to pair this piece with a dark or light jean and blouse as a way to stay stylish while running daily errands.


Amelia Clutch: Designs by Tuesdai/Top and Jeans: Daily Look

"Being an individual is cool," says the designer. " In having one of her handbags in your closet, she believes that you're "having the absolute guarantee that nobody else but YOU will be wearing it." The Messi Floor Collection is designed "for women who want to be seen in their own light."

This collection has pieces that can be worn for events from everyday to upscale, with prices ranging from around $40-$300. Keep a lookout for Tuesdai's future designs in the late spring, there is sure to be something Messi coming soon!

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