EmotiKarl: A New Wave of Stylish Emojis

If you thought artist, designer, and creative genius Karl Lagerfeld could not do anything more to increase his level of awesomeness, think again. Karl recently released a set of emoticons that he has named “EmotiKarl.” www.ibtimes.co.uk

The iPhone and Android app is free on all devices and is perfect for adding a little Lagerfeld touch to all of your texts, emails, and even Tweets. Send Karl faces, fashionable cats, or gloved hands to all of your friends with just a tap of a keyboard.


Inside the app, you are also given the option to type words to correspond with your Karl-fied emojis.


And who wouldn't love a Karl Lagerfeld emoji face (sunglasses and all) to brighten their day?

For iPhone users, the app can be downloaded here.