Hvar, Croatia

Now that we have had a couple consecutive days of above freezing, spring is on everyone’s mind. Converse are out and rain boots have replaced our snow boots. Yet, anyone who has lived through a Michigan winter knows it’s probably not over yet- we’re bound to get another batch of snow before old man winter finally leaves us alone. In lieu of this reality, my mind can’t help but wander to a warmer, sunny time… A time when I found myself on a magical little island in the Adriatic Sea where the sun shone everyday and it was never cold enough to need a jacket… Hvar is the island holding my daydreams hostage. It’s a little island off the coast of Coatia, a couple hours boat trip from the coastal town of Split. It is home to yacht week each summer and an increasing amount of tourists. Its little bay is anchored at the end by a square with restaurants and little shops.

hvar bay

My friend and I were on a ten-day holiday in Croatia and were advised to set aside a few days for Hvar.  We were promised we wouldn’t regret it. We had also been told not to book any accommodations before arriving. On the small islands off the coast of Croatia, it is common for locals to rent rooms from their homes out to tourists, so that’s what my friend and I did. We had a lovely room in the home of an older couple, a much nicer experience than staying in a hostel.


 Hvar is quite versatile, making it a perfect destination for beach goers, active vacationers, and party people. Off the island is a string of smaller islands accessible for day trips. My friends and I hired a boat for the day and stopped at a couple of them. Since we were there during yacht week, the waters were crowded with much bigger boats but our little boat was perfect for a day out on the water. The beaches are a mix between sand and stone beaches, but all fall into perfect blue water.


If you’re just in the business of partying, visiting Hula Hula bar will quickly become a part of your daily routine. Hula Hula claims to be the best spot to watch the sun go down on Hvar, and I would have to agree. It’s essentially a large patio where everyone congregates to drink, dance bit, and mingle a lot. The bar is hottest early in the night when everyone is coming fresh off the beach and generally dies off after the sunset. This is when most people go grab some dinner and change out of beach clothes before heading out to Carpe Diem, the club on its own island, or up to the club in the castle overlooking the bay.


If you are heading over to Europe for the summer, or really any time you’re over there, consider a holiday on Hvar. I also promise you won’t be disappointed as it attracts a fun, easy-going crowd who are all about enjoying the island in all its magical glory.