Musket's "How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying"



Calling all retro fashion aficionados, musical-lovers, and the Mad Men-obsessed: How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying will be showing at the Power Center this weekend, and we recommend that you don’t miss it!

How to Succeed follows main character J. Pierrepont Finch from humble beginnings as a window-washer to a position as Chairman of the Board of the World Wide Wicket Company, by means of some seemingly disastrous events and a lot of sheer luck. In the recent Broadway revival of the production, Finch was played by heartthrobs Daniel Radcliffe, Darren Criss, and Nick Jonas. Although these three will not be making an appearance on the Power Center’s stage this weekend (sigh), a cast of singing, dancing men in suits will be there to perform Finch’s tale.

Musket, the musical theater organization on campus that is behind the production, is entirely student-run (just like us here at SHEI). Musket is known for excellence in all aspects of their productions, and costuming is no exception. Here at SHEI, we can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed by the 1960s office attire á la Draper Daniels (the real-life inspiration for Madmen’s Don Draper), complete with pinstripes, skinny ties, and notched lapels. The office secretaries sport shift dresses and cropped jackets in pastel hues. The accessory details like cat eye glasses and chic bowties are enough to satiate the palettes of retro-style fiends. The show also features an entire musical number dedicated to a Parisian dress which, in a hilarious and oh-so-relatable twist, every woman shows up wearing to the reception for the new Advertising Department head. Fun fact: the dresses you'll see in the show were each hand designed and created by Musket's own costume designer.

The musical is bursting with sleek 60s style, romantic office trysts, and dancing men in suits. Really what more could we ask for? If you’re looking for some laughs and retro fashion inspiration, be sure to catch a showing this weekend! “How to Succeed” will play Friday evening, Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon – pick up tickets during your next coffee break at the Michigan League ticket office.