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A Tailored Opinion: A Royal Revolution

Mariam Sheikh

As a young girl, there was nothing I dreamed of more than being a princess. When I grew up a bit more, I started to realize that this was simply a fantasy that could never — and would never — happen. And then Kate Middleton came along. Rising like a phoenix from the ashes, she proved everyone wrong. Former “Waity Katie” royally showed-up the entire world when after years and years with Prince William, she finally got that long lasting promise she was hoping for — a royal wedding.

I have been following all things Kate for a while now and needless to say she is a beacon of hope — not only to those girls out there who want to be princesses one day, but to those who are obsessed with all things fashion.

Kate has proven to the world that a royal can be elegant and becoming while also being fashion-forward. With a grace not unlike Princess Diana herself, Kate has influenced the world with her fashion choices. Often minutes after she makes any type of appearance — royal or not — whatever she is wearing from a Zara necklace to an Alexander McQueen gown, sells out within minutes. She commands the attention of all people akin to a performer like Beyoncé, except she doesn’t even need to sing,  just simply show up.

Forget about the fact that the people of England love her, Americans have started to catch on to this royal fever ever since her engagement in 2011. I remember myself waking up at 4:30 am in order to watch the royal wedding live before school started. She gives people a sense of hope and conveys a feeling of belonging — but even more so than this — the Dutchess has impeccable taste.

Here are some of my favorite looks worn by her.

Sparkling in Jenny Packham!

At the premiere of Warhose...only Kate would make Warhorse seem more interesting

Neutrals are very in this season and this dress is the perfect tone and fit!

She makes fashion look so effortless and simple, if only it were so for us common folk...

Kate is famous for recycling old outfits and accessories (while we do this all the time, past royals never did). These nude heels are a testament to this since she wears them very often. If you don't have them already, nude flats are a must in your wardrobe!

The infamous engagement photo!

The only person on this earth so far who has made pregnancy look so perfect.

While I could go on for pages showing you my favorite outfits worn by Kate, I think you get the idea! She is a true vision of grace, effortless beauty and a testament to the power of fashionable influence! And let's face it, she is perfect and so is her royal family.

That's all I have for now, xoxo peasants.