Menswear Moment: John Elliott + Co; Back to Basics

Transitioning from winter to spring is one of my favorite times of the year, for the obvious; it's an escape from snow and a preview of warm weather to come. More importantly though, for a menswear enthusiast like myself, spring means the opportunity to step out of the house and turn heads in light layers!  Layering doesn't need to be complicated, and should incorporate great fitting "basics," like hoodies, tees, denim, and light jackets for spring.Yes, developing a strong layering-game is crucial in getting the most out of your fits, so I present to you, "John Elliott + Co" S/S 2014:

*Images from John Elliott + Co S/S 2014 Lookbook

Recently named one of GQ Magazine’s “Best New Menswear Designers in America Class of 2014,” with their aesthetically pleasing cuts and other worldly comfort, Mr. Elliott’s pieces have begun to step on the toes of “basics” beasts like J.Crew, APC, and Club Monaco. “John Elliott + Co” burst onto the scene with their Fall 2013 collection, featuring standard colors, quality denim, curve neck tees, and the famous “Villain” hoodie (featuring side zips and French terry cloth). Much of the inspiration for the line comes from classic sporting apparel silhouettes, merging the forces of sportswear and menswear together for a killer combination! Menswear retailers, such as Atrium and Revolve, quickly picked up the line and the line took off from there as the quality and detail of these pieces speak for themselves.


Jumping into Spring 2014, John Elliott + Co show no signs of slowing down, with recent releases including “silk blend” tees, "quilted" crewneck sweatshirts, and a new white color run of their “Villain” hoodie. Layer these pieces together with a pair of John Elliott’s new “Lima” colorblock jogger sweats and you’ll be ready to take on the ever-changing climate that is spring weather in a well-tailored, yet cozy look! Keep an eye out for more from John Elliott + Co moving towards the latter part of their Spring 2014 release, as the line is set to drop a host of new pieces ranging from tailored denim jackets to short sleeve hoodies, hooking you up with all of your layering essentials for the months to come!


With respectable price points, and outstanding quality and fits, John Elliott + Co can be found online at Atrium NYC, Revolve Clothing, and on the John Elliott + Co webshop. Go pick up your John Elliott + Co basics and enter a new realm of layering-greatness today!