Album Review: 'This is All Yours'

With a momentous end to their two-year hiatus, Alt-J has kicked off the school year with the debut of their much (sometimes nervously) awaited album, This Is All Yours. It’s safe to say that most fans spent the summer dwelling in a permanent state of pre-album jitters – especially following the band’s leak of single “Hunger Of The Pine”, a sneak peak of the band’s hard work that featured a sample from a certain twerk-happy celebrity. Alt-J

It was enough to make even the most musically aware, bun-topped and adorably bearded hipster shake in his socks.

But fear not, my fair trade coffee-drinking friends - thanks to free streaming via iTunes it has now been confirmed that our fears were unwarranted.

This glimmering gem has returned Alt-J to the center stage of musical esteem, which they admittedly never truly left. The album explores new facets of their talent with a tracklist containing notable fewer lyrics, but far greater variety of sound.

The following is the complete track list for This Is All Yours, three of which (“Every Other Freckle”, “Left Hand Free”, and “Hunger Of The Pine”) were already leaked onto the internet a few months back.

Intro Arrival In Nara Nara Every Other Freckle Left Hand Free Garden Of England Choice Kingdom Hunger Of The Pine Warm Foothills The Gospel Of John Hurt Pusher Bloodflood Pt II Leaving Nara

Fans will recognize the band’s snare-heavy signature sound in many songs, but overall the feel of the album is softer, more synth-based than it’s 2012 counterpart that won them the Barclaycard Mercury Prize for best album of the year in the United Kingdom – An Awesome Wave.

And the band has been changing. Riding the unapologetically punned wave that their first album roused in the alternative music scene, Alt-J has been touring heavily for the past couple of years. In fact, life on the road proved to be too much for bassist Gwil Sainsbury, who left the band in January of this year. Though one band-member fewer, Alt-J is doing better than ever, solidifying their sound and prestige in the indie world. Unfortunately that means we aren’t likely to see them back at the Blind Pig anytime soon (remember that?).

Give the album a listen here on iTunes, or buy it after its official release this coming Monday.