Confessions of a T.V. Addict: An Introduction

As the weather starts to get chilly, nearly everyone starts going into raptures over their favorite parts of Fall- apple cider, boots, and  pumpkin spice-flavored anything. For me, the start of October signifies one thing above all else, Fall T.V. shutterstock_1703222691

For as long as I can remember, scripted television has been my passion. My T.V. watching far supersedes merely a source of relaxation of leisure. On the contrary the way I watch TV refers to scouring the internet for the next episode, sacrificing my social life, and ultimately planning my day around my television schedule. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been late to school or work because I tried to catch up on the latest episode while getting ready or eating breakfast. I watch TV like it is a sport. Once I start a new show, I do nothing else until I finish it. This means never giving up on it no matter how bad it gets, through changes in writers and broadcasting stations. With the help of Netflix, Xfinity, and my CW app, I have yet to fail in this mission.

What you’ll find here is a love letter to my favorite shows. Perhaps the only thing better than watching T.V., is talking about T.V. Shout out to my fellow fan-girls (and guys) out there! In that respect, expect to find weekly episode guides, commentary, and all else that fits your T.V. watching needs.

Stay Tuned!