Designer Dozen: A Self-Rising Hoax

Gisele Bündchen, the star of Chanel’s recently released N°5 short film, probably didn’t expect that the limelight could be diverted from her fierce Chanel ensemble by something as innocent as a bagel. And yet… When actress India Menuez waltzed into Lagerfeld’s exclusive Chanel soiree wearing none other than a bagel and cream cheese creation touting a Chanel chain, jaws dropped. Chanel’s most intrepid fans immediately thought back to Lagerfeld’s other more daring culinary-themed designs and came to the conclusion that the bagel bag just had to be for real.

Designers today are no strangers to the allure of food-related merchandise. Handbags based on desserts, caviar tins, and Chinese takeout boxes are all fair game to designers like Judith Lieber, Olympia Le-Tan, and Kate Spade New York. Recent attention has also been on the House of Moschino, who just debuted its own unique take on fast food in fashion (read more in "Moschino: Can I get fries with that?”)

Judith Leiber

Kate Spade New York


And Lagerfeld himself displayed his fair share of culinary garb in Chanel’s fall 2014 show, where the Metallized Goatskin Strass Pearl Bag and handbags packaged like chopped meat triggered heavy waves throughout the fashion industry.

New York artist Chloe Wise, whose avant-garde website treats her fans to a cornucopia of new and inventive projects, is the woman behind the carbohydrate curtain. As it turns out, the bagel bag was a product of Wise’s own invention; her small collection of carbo-loaded handbags was meant to remind her fans to a time when bread was a symbol of status and higher social standing. Wise reminds the art and fashion communities that her bags “would have represented luxury, status, and would have afforded their owner instant popularity. I wanted to mirror the parallel of the importance of commodity in the art world.”

For those of you dying to carbo-load on some more of her delectable collection, check out these other inspired creations...

Here’s Wise’s take on a Louis Vuitton croissant wristlet:

LV Croissant Wristlet

And what collection would be complete without a classic baguette bag?

Baguette Bag

As part of the collection, Wise also created a series of advertisements showing off the various pieces she designed. Her challah bread backpack ad, boasting the catchy tagline, “Ain’t No Challah Back(pack) Girl,” is one of the only sneak-previews she has released before publicizing the rest of her collection. With the amount of publicity this handbag has gotten, Prada might want to consider teaming up with Wise to create the bread backpack she envisioned for them.

Challah Back(pack)

It’s clear that at this point, both Lagerfeld and many other designers have proved to the fashion community that no food is too eccentric to serve as inspiration for the next big trend. Check out Chloe’s latest endeavors on her website,, and keep an eye out for her book, which will debut soon to showcase the entirety of her scrumptious carb collection.