Interview: Grizfolk

Following their show at the Masonic Temple in Detroit last Thursday, SHEI caught up with the up-and-coming alternative rock quintet, Grizfolk. The band has been making waves since the release of their debut EP From The Spark earlier this year, and they are currently on tour with British rock sensation, Bastille. Imagine the power vocals of Mumford and Sons infused with a touch of electronic tones and the result is something quite close to this American-Swedish group that saw its start in Los Angeles, California. They traveled a long way from the coast to the leafy depths of midwestern autumn, but still took the time to talk tour habits and next steps. Check out our interview below. You have a fair spread of international diversity among your bandmates. How did you all meet?

Well, we all have this in common: each of us moved to LA to pursue music. The band started as a writing project between Adam, Fredrik and Sebastian. When the struggle started to pick up some traction online, they pulled in Bill and Brendan ( whom had been in another band with Adam previously) and started a band.

For the Swedes: how has the cultural transition been coming to America, not to mention touring the country?

It's been an awesome experience. There is so much musical history here, seems like every city we visit we hear of all these iconic venues and musicians, and it's so inspiring.

What’s your favorite track from your new album?

We wanted the EP to have a diverse mix of songs, and naturally we like them all. 'Waiting For You' is particularly fun though because of all the harmonies.

You just released From the Spark a couple of months ago, and it’s gained a lot of attention already. What are you working on now, or planning to embark on?

We are putting the finishing touches on a full length album right now. We don't have a release date set, but we're very excited for people to hear our new songs.

What is the story behind the album title?

From the Spark is a lyric from our song Hymnals, but it also kind of alludes to where we're at in this stage of our career. We hope the songs on the EP can be the start to something even bigger.

Your sound combines a lot of different textures across genres like alternative rock and electronic music. Who are some of your musical inspirations?

We all love Justin Vernon's projects (Bon Iver, Shouting Matches, Volcano Choir), Dave Grohl, Miike Snow, and more recently we are listening to artists like Hozier and Blood Orange.

What’s it like touring with Bastille?

It's amazing. The Bastille guys have sort of taken us under their wing and gave us an amazing opportunity to play to their fans every night, and we've been having a blast.

You played a show in Ohio today (Wednesday). What is the performance experience like here for a Midwestern crowd as compared to the West coasters?

Midwesterners are fantastic. There's generally a lot less industry in the middle of the country, and concerts are kind of a getaway for people, as opposed to the norm in LA, where we're all a bit spoiled by so many great show options. We love to play out here.

Favorite pastime on the road?

Head banging.

What’s next after the tour? Any music festivals planned for this summer?

After this tour we're going to do some shows here and there on the west coast, but we're mostly going to be in the studio working on our album.

Thoughts on Wiz Khalifa’s new hair?

Don't know what the new hair looks like but I'm sure it's cool.

Vibing with Grizfolk? Check out their tour schedule  or peruse their website for more information and to give their new album a listen.