The Reign Event: Episode 2

In a miraculous turn of events, the Plague is gone almost as abruptly as it came, leaving our young royals to deal with its aftermath - among other things. A Warm Reunion:

As the gates are raised, Francis rushes to Mary’s side and the two share a brief embrace in their matching cloaks, a perfect photo-op for the cheering crowd surrounding them. Of course, this moment is quickly interrupted as Lola exits the carriage with her son, instantly snapping Mary back to reality. As Kenna and Greer rush to greet the new mother, Mary drops so fast even Catherine seems impressed. The close-up lingers on the baby a little while longer before panning out to catch Francis’s calling out to Bash. The irony in linking the two illegitimate sons of French court is lost on no one, leaving us to ponder whether the child will share Bash’s fate.


Narcisse’s Revenge:

Because Reign would be nothing without its leather-wearing villains, Narcisse promptly interrupts French court with his own agenda: retribution for his son’s death. Unable to be assuaged by Catherine’s words of encouragement, Narcisse begins investigating the castle for answers. Since nothing remains a secret at French court for long, a survivor of the Plague (seriously…how many people are immune to this thing?!) who was trapped in the cell with Narcisse’s son witnessed everything. Narcisse rallies the other nobles together in a witch hunt for his son’s murderer, ultimately landing on poor Nostradamus. Demanding justice, Narcisse and his followers decree that Nostradamus will be drawn and quartered, to which stone-cold Catherine replies with “Meh, I’ll write you a poem or something”. In return, as he is being dragged away, Nostradamus drops the bomb that Clarissa may still be alive, thus making the prophesy of Francis’s death unfulfilled. Oops, guess we’ll never know now.

In order to save their beloved clairvoyant, the rest of the mystery gang begins digging for evidence to use against Narcisse, and it quickly piles up. This guy has killed priests, stolen money from the Vatican, slaughtered entire households-you name it. What ensues is the greatest testament to couples' acting classes. Mary and Francis are able to convince Narcisse that they not only have a written confession detailing all of his evil deeds, but also are willing to destroy said letter if Nostradamus is set free. Before anyone can do a little fact-checking, Francis throws the evidence in the fire and calls a truce. Oh wait, and signs away the deed to Leith’s land to sweeten the pot. Nostradamus is saved pre-quartering just in the nick of time! He promptly hobbles far away from the madness of French court- I guess it was a bit too close of a call for him.


Back to the Baby:

After doing a lot of soul searching, Francis finally decides to claim his son after seeing how his brother’s illegitimate status affected his life. While at first Mary not-so-subtlety rejects the idea, she eventually gives her blessing. Cheers to baby Francis! Sorry Lola, but it looks like this decision doesn’t involve you, never mind that he’s your child too.

reign baby

Ghosts of Courtiers Past:

As Bash was seeking answers, he ran into a creepy woman who said something about the Plague resulting in a portal between the world of the living and the dead. According to her, this essentially means that the souls of the dead are trapped in limbo to complete their unfinished work.  I quickly dismissed this idea of a “Reckoning “as mere psychobabble, and went on my merry way. That is until Francis, suddenly feeling paternal, asks a random maid how to properly hold his son. Suddenly, the woman starts talking about “wars and whores” and “bringing Francis into the world”?? NO! It can’t be…Henry is that you!? Leave it to Henry to weasel his way through whatever portal is currently open and possess some poor unsuspecting maid.

henry maid

Does this mean that the crazy king we love to hate is back? I must admit that Reign would be nothing without a little Henry-inspired chaos to spruce things up. Until next time!