The Reign Event: Episode 3

It’s finally here guys, the coronation. All season long, Francis and Mary have been attempting to adjust to their new roles as leaders, fending off famine and power hungry nobles in the process. Now for the main event- it can finally be made official! reign-coronation-1

Francis and Mary: Grain, Grain, Grain

The episode kicks off with Catherine fantasizing about all the luxuries that will be at the coronation ceremony. Clearly someone needs to check in with the royal event planner, because the last time I checked, golden-horned unicorns and dancing elephants don’t exactly scream understated elegance. What follows is a classic in-law catfight between Mary and Catherine, leaving Francis uncomfortably playing mediator. The King and Queen of France: they’re just like you! This sentiment is quickly interrupted when *shocker* Narcisse bails on their agreement and the royals must look for grain elsewhere. Clearly a pressing matter considering the peasant who just got full-on filleted for stealing a loaf of bread. As more nobles are threatened into submission by Narcisse, in true-Mary fashion, she completely ignores the plan to stay out of diplomatic affairs and proceeds to do a little digging of her own. Instead, she makes a deal with a German protestant who offers her a deal- the release of his prisoners for German grain. Though Francis isn’t thrilled with the idea, he is a bit distracted by the whole “my father’s spirit is possessing the nanny” thing, leaving Mary to go ahead with the deal without him. Of course, this plan quickly goes awry when the Germans discover their prisoners to be missing. When Francis finds out, he is all in a tizzy, resulting in a good ol’ Francis/ Mary power struggle we’ve grown to love. To assuage him, Mary resolves to do her queenly duty and “clean up her mess”; clearly some of Catherine is rubbing off on her. After interrogating the guards outside the prison, Mary soon connects the dots and realizes it was Lord Conde who was behind the prisoners’ disappearance. When she confronts him, he admits to wanting the prisoners to use as leverage to free his lover from the Germans, because “who would choose one’s country over love”. Flashback to when Francis passionately said that he would…awkward. Anyways, Conde proves to be more than just a pretty face, and decides to return the prisoners in the pursuit of becoming “a better man”, and subsequently bringing home a huge W for Mary. Keeping the momentum going, Francis and Mary finally stick it to Narcisse who concedes, leaving France with both Germany’s grain and his own. Sayonara Narcisse and your weirdly tight leather pants too!


Nanny Caroline/ Henry: I Know What You Did

As the coronation nears, and castle politics reach an all-time high, Francis goes traipsing into a psychic’s office for a little rendezvous with his nanny/father. (Is it just me or does Francis seem to have an affinity for skipping out on Mary at literally the worst moments? It’s almost as if he wants her to make important decisions behind his back.) As the psychic summons Henry, we find that not only is his spirit somehow trapped on Earth, but also he knows that it was Francis who killed him. Ruh-roh.


Kenna and Bash: Getting Used to the New Job

After the unfortunate incidents surrounding the Plague, Kenna and Bash have lost most of their property. As Kenna (sporting her classic Urban Outfitters look) is cornered by the prying cast of “French Court Wives”, she can’t help but get a little jealous. Meanwhile, Bash is more concerned with investigating Lord Barnard as his supposed murder of a nobleman. As Bash gathers more evidence against him, Kenna is approached with the answer to all her real estate qualms, a woman claiming to want to dispose of some estates. Naturally, this woman proves to be none other than Barnard’s wife, leaving Kenna once again château-less. Lady Barnard, desperate to save her husband, decides to try her hand at threatening-telling Kenna that Bash will die if he continues to pursue the case. So, Kenna takes a cue from Mary and destroys all the evidence against Barnard behind a slightly ungrateful Bash’s back. As Bash firmly chastises Kenna, maintaining that his job is more important than his life, he cannot help but go easy on her. I mean…those puppy eyes.

kenna and bash

Here Comes the Crown

With the threat of famine, crazy nobles, and vengeful spirits temporarily out of the way, we can finally celebrate the coronation. As Mary and Francis are crowned to the empowering sound of Tim Meyer’s “Hills to Climb”, I couldn’t help but let out an emphatic “YEAH!” suddenly feeling the urge to like run a marathon or something.


As the newly crowned King and Queen of France establish their rule, the only thing left to do is get started on a little heir-making…Will Mary finally get pregnant? Until next time!