The Reign Event: Episode 4

Reign keeps the momentum going after the coronation of its new king and queen. Lola: Feminist of the 16th Century

As the royal christening of Lola’s baby arrives, the family begins discussing who the godparents should be. Or should I say, Catherine begins discussing who the godparents should be, God forbid Lola actually has an opinion. When Mary leaves to check on Lola, the two share in a passive aggressive exchange for the record books. Lola goes as far as to express her wishes to leave court and her position as a Lady in Waiting in order to reclaim her life. This tension only continues when the rest of the Ladies, dressed in matching tropical Hawaiian print, weigh in on the matter. Later, Mary and Lola lose their polite pretenses of normalcy, and finally duke it out. Though Lola is a worthy competitor, Mary releases all her pent-up anger and disappointment, instantly ending the power struggle once and for all with the line “I AM YOUR QUEEN!” The two eventually make-up when Lola asks Mary to be her son’s Godmother and the friendship is saved.


Mary and Francis: Pregnant at Last

Meanwhile, Mary leads Francis to scenic location from their childhood and announces that SHE’S PREGGERS! Finally, France has a legitimate heir to the throne and just in time for Lola’s child’s christening-not that there’s any competition or anything. As the couple retreats to the bedroom to umm…celebrate…Catherine barges in middle of the steamy action, leaving Francis and Mary as uncomfortable as ever. Nothing kills the mood than having your mom walk in-am I right? All seems momentarily perfect at French court, but as always-it cannot last. Mary miscarries the baby. Come on! Don’t do this to me! To make matters worse, as Godmother, she has to participate in Lola’s son’s christening soon after. Props to her for being able to hold it together as well as she did. After the ceremony, Francis takes Mary to one of his favorite places from their childhood to cheer her up. As the two reminisce about catching fireflies together, he leads her onto a balcony where he has arranged for dozens of paper lanterns to be released into the sky. Swoon. As they watch the lanterns, he declares, “The world can be a dark place…whatever the future brings, you are my light.” Excuse me while I blubber silently in a corner.

entering the christening

Greer and Castleroy: Take Me, I’m Yours!

As Greer contemplates her love life, being recently left by Castleroy indefinitely, Kenna urges her to follow her desires. Though she skips over the gory details at poor Greer’s request, she mentions how passionate her relationship with Bash has become since their rocky beginning. At the ball that evening, Greer and Leith share yet another intimate moment while dancing together. The next morning, Kenna remarks on Greer and Leith’s absences from the christening ceremony. I know what you’re thinking, but no, the two were not off “following their desires”. Instead Greer shockingly travels to visit Lord Castleroy and beg him to marry her. Tired of being used for his wealth, Castleroy denies her request and pretty much calls off the engagement. However, Greer refuses to accept this and explains that she is in fact beginning to develop feeling for him. She points out that she has consistently chosen him over Leith and too wants passion in their marriage. While unconvinced at first, after her gown drops to the floor, he seems pretty willing to give their relationship another shot.

leith and greer

Bash: Four Horsemen and a Shepherd

Bash and Conde spend the majority of the episode investigating four horsemen who allegedly threatened a shepherd. According to him, these faceless cloaked men offered him a protective mark that would ensure his family’s safety in exchange for his soul. Not willing to renounce his faith, the man rejects this offer, but the riders persist and forcibly mark him anyways. Bash initially believes the riders to simply be men spreading fear for their own benefit. However, when the shepherd goes on to slaughter his entire family with some garden shears-he starts to reconsider. It’s decided that this event is likely brought on by The Reckoning, as proven by the Plague, famine, and oh yes King Henry’s death. As Francis guiltily comments, “Blood will pay for blood.” I just wonder who else will pay next.

bash and conde

Narcisse and Estelle

One of the villagers that had helped Lola during her son’s birth, Estelle, appears at French court as Narcisse’s new wife. Are we ever gonna get rid of this guy? Not only is this union awkward, but also as we later discover, potentially dangerous. Estelle slips Lola a note that reads: Help me, and later explains that all of Narcisse’s past wives have ended up seriously hurt or dead. Despite Mary’s wishes, Lola goes behind her back to help Estelle escape the castle. Of course this backfires and Estelle ends up being chased by all Narcisse’s guards. Don’t worry though, because Mary saves the day and Estelle is able to make it to safety. Crisis averted…or is it? After safely leaving the castle, Estelle jumps off a cliff because she thinks her dead family members are calling to her. Turns out, Narcisse is actually trying to protect her, and his intentions for the marriage were good. In fact, the rumors of his abuse were completely false. There’s a first time for everything I guess.


After Mary's latest problems with conceiving, I wonder if she will bear an heir soon. For all our sakes I hope so. And what's the deal with this Reckoning thing? Until Next time!