What to Wear: A Rainy Day

Don’t let the rain stop you from looking absolutely fabulous. After all, it’s just a little water. From trial and error, I’ve found that these tips help to create fashionable outfits, but are comfortable and most importantly, practical on a rainy day. First off, be sure to check the weather. The “wet” look is not particularly in right now. In fact, don’t just stop at grabbing an umbrella, put some sense into your outfit so you can enjoy the rain.  Might as well, right? Photo Credit: Jasmine Rubio

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A Hoodie and a Jacket: If you don’t have a proper rain jacket not to worry, your worn-out hoodie will do. This time, pair it with an oversized denim jacket. The denim jacket over the hoodie adds a nice layered effect as well as an extra shield against the rain! Another option is to add a little more roughness with a leather or faux leather jacket.


Add Some Skinny Jeans: Pair the hoodie and jacket with your favorite skinny jeans to balance out the bulkiness on top. If you opt for the denim jacket, be sure that the jacket and the jeans are different washes so that the denim is not overpowering.


Boots are Best: As for footwear, rain boots are not always a necessity. Doc martens, or military boots will keep your feet dry and add some “grunge” to your outfit.

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Dress Up: If you’re not feeling the grunge, opt for your favorite dress. Throw on a long jacket or cardigan that is above or hits right at the hem of your dress.


Pair it with Socks: To continue with the layered theme, strap on your boots of choice and wear some knee high socks that peek out from the top.


A Scarf is All you Need: For the ultimate cozy look, grab your knit scarf, and skip the other accessories.  The layered look will provide plenty of visual interest.


Avoid a Bad Hair Day: As for your hair, tie it up into a high ponytail or a bun if it falls victim to frizz.


Also, don’t forget your umbrella. These outfits are rain-friendly—not waterproof! Preparing for those gloomy days pays off, but there is no need to compromise a cute outfit to the rain.

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