A Tailored Opinion: So Anne Hathaway is trying to make a comeback?

It is no secret that the key to being somebody in Hollywood is likability. After all, what use are good looks and talent if the simple mention of your name leaves people cringing in hatred?

Anne Hathaway was once considered America’s sweetheart and the Princess of Genovia, so what went wrong?


It is not as if she started out being completely unlikeable, in fact, it seemed like she was on top of the world during The Devil Wears Prada days. I mean, who doesn’t love an underdog who can handle all of the shit Miranda Priestly throws at her?

Yes, there was an inherent speed bump when in 2011 when she fu$ked up the Oscars, but it wasn’t just her. James Franco was there too (at least physically, mentally, only God and Seth Rogan knows). Hathaway was way too peppy and smiley throughout the whole 3 and however many hours-long show, but perhaps she was just trying to compensate for the fact that James Franco could barely keep his already-squinted eyes open? Either way, the mass public hatred campaign against Hathaway didn’t officially start here.

We love you James Franco...

Think about it, is there even a reason people hate her so much?

Oh wait.


(skip to 1:40 unless you want to see all of the likeable people who could’ve won the Oscar)

“It came true.” Really? All it took was that one line and snarky smile to turn millions of people against her. It is without a doubt that she deserved the Oscar, her performance was fantastic. But when Jennifer Lawrence accepted her Oscar, she tripped and then made a joke about it. Jared Leto stared directly into the souls of millions of teenage girls around the world. And Roberto Benigni created mass hysteria and celebrated like any 8 year old kid would . But there was something off about Hathaway’s speech.

Anne Hathaway Princess Diaries

I know they say “fake it until you make it,” but she came off as trying way too hard. After she became the apparent target of the public’s annoyance, she went into hiding for a while. Well, not actually. She just hasn’t released a movie for a while (with the exception of the Dark Knight Rises, but that was Christian Bale's moment and not even Anne could take that away).

Anne being weird as per usual.

I respect the fact that she gave the public time to forget about how much they hate her. She focused on becoming more hippie-chic, growing out her hair and remaining irrelevant. It was a break the public desperately needed.

But that is all about to change, since she is set to appear in the new movie Interstellar with Hollywood’s “It” man Matthew McConaughey. How will this mash-up work? One of the hottest and most beloved men in the industry pairing up with the spawn of annoyance herself.

Have the Hathahaters moved on?

I guess the haters are always gonna hate, hate, hate,hate, hate?

Shake it off Anne, Tswift is doing it and almost everyone loves to hate her.